Anxiety disorder

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  • Themes In The Alchemist By Paul Coelho

    Library of Medicine (U.S NLM) describes a phobia as, “…a type of anxiety disorder. It is a strong, irrational fear of something that poses little or no real danger (“Phobias: MedlinePlus”).” In 2013, reported that four to five percent of the United States’ residents suffer from one or more phobias in a given year (“Facts About Phobias”). In 2014, The Motley Fool reported that the most common phobia was the fear of…

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  • Biological, Psychological And Environmental Causes Of Anxiety

    Anxiety disorders are on the rise in our country, because of the multifarious etiological influences surrounding this mental illness, anxiety is often misdiagnosed: are we causing an anxiety epidemic? The interconnection of the biological, psychological and environmental influences of this disorder is often debated, questioning the true origin; is anxiety predetermined by our genetic makeup or do social and cognitive influences shape the severity of the disease. I believe all these factors play…

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  • Essay On Fear And Anxiety

    is normal, but there are times when this natural reaction develops into a persistent and unreasonable anxiety about an object or given situation to the point of avoidance, which becomes a labeled term called a phobia. Today’s notion of phobias is that there is nothing to be ashamed of since everyone has at least one fear, but what triggers the anxious feelings of the object? Anxiety disorders are made up of numerous components, but the physiological sensations are what I associate the most…

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  • Understanding Fear

    enhance an individual’s quality of life, knowing that they can live regularly without having an intense and dramatic fear of something. Hormones or medicine could be used for a number of other purposes. Veterans who suffer from Post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatized victims of horrendous crimes, or those traumatized by other events may be more than willing to use it in order to become “normal” again, and so they could release the stress associated with their personal…

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  • Panic Disorders: A Case Study

    Panic disorder results from a panic attack (false alarm) becoming associated with either an interoceptive or exteroceptive cue through the conditioning process (Mineka and Barlow 2001). Furthermore, it is apparent that the more intense of a panic attack, the greater likelihood of developing panic disorder (Mineka & Oehlberg 2008). Based on literature, a panic attack represents emergent reactions to prepare for impending or ongoing threats (Bouton et al., 2001). This is unlike illness phobias…

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  • Specific Phobia Essay

    Phobia Specific phobia is defined as the occurrence of intense and abnormal fear when exposed to a specific object, person or situation. To be diagnosed with specific phobia, the fear must cause last over 6 months and cause severe and debilitating anxiety or distress. There are five categories that all specific phobias fall into: animals (such as sharks), situations (such as planes), blood, injections and injury (such as getting a needle), natural environment (such as storms) and other phobias…

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  • Essay On Military Family

    As previously stated, PTSD has symptoms that can cause a soldier to alienate himself from his family, stay out of the life of the children, don’t come home at night because either he feels that being home is a stressor and it causes him a lot of anxiety and anger that brings bad energy into the home, so most likely he just wants to avoid this occurrence or he feels as though he is mentally damaged and does not want the family to see him in this state or he doesn’t want to scare the family so the…

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  • Physical And Physical Factors Of Stress And Child Development

    Stress and Child Development Stress is defined as a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation. Stress is simply produced by something that causes strong feelings of worry or anxiety (n.d.). Factors that cause stress, otherwise known as stressors, stem from problems found in life, work, etc. Stress is a response that is caused by a demand. There are those who believe that stress is introduced in adulthood, especially…

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  • The Importance Of Fear

    situation where you felt your heart beat out of your chest? Overcome with feelings of panic and anxiety? With a strong instinct to run away? Then you have experienced fear. Fear is one of the most important emotions known for triggering a fight or flight response in extreme situations it can define life or death in all species. From fear many other problems can arise, such as phobias, panic, and anxiety disorders. It is a multidimensional concept that cannot be narrowed down because it is…

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  • Developmental Case Study: John B. Watson

    Developmental Case History Introduction There are various theories in the field of psychology that seek to describe and define the chronological stages of human development. Amongst these, one of the most popular theories is that of the psychologist Erik Erikson. Furthermore, there is an interesting theory that focuses on human behaviors, appropriately coined “behaviorism,” that was studied and clarified by John B. Watson. In order to conceptualize the case of the chosen subject for this paper,…

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