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  • Analysis Of Ephemeral 'Fugitive Contingent' By Charles Baudelaire

    ‘Ephemeral… fugitive… contingent’: these words written by Charles Baudelaire in 1863 express the very nature of metropolitan life in the late nineteenth century. Urban renewal across Europe had given way to a new, fast-paced way of life, and nowhere was this more evident than in Paris: the then cultural centre of the western world. Crowds of people would converge upon Haussmann’s wide boulevards, swiftly navigating through the city to see and be seen by their fellow Parisians. Painting en plein…

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  • Thomas More's Influence On John Morton

    Born in 1478 in London. Placed into a home as a boy under his Patron John Morton. Thomas More, a very well-known man throughout Europe who decided one day that he was not going to conform to ordinary life. More as a teenager was sent, by his patron, to Canterbury College and learned Greek studies then left to study law at Lincoln’s Inn at his home town. Unfortunately, his Patron, John Morton Died the next year in 1500. More began to seek toughness. By doing this he wanted to prove to everyone…

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  • Pneumonic Plague: The Black Death

    The Black Death was an important moment in human history, as it showed how a poorly understood disease could spread rapidly through an unprepared populace. The Black Death made a great impact on the people of that time, including the fall of the economy. The origins of the Black Death have been unknown until recent years. Gene sequencing has determined that the plague emerged in China more than 2,600 years ago. However, the first historical record of an actual epidemic was in 1338-1339. It…

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  • Examples Of Parallelism In The Lovesong Of J Alfred Prufrock

    Humans have performed dangerous stunts since the beginning of time. These daredevils, deemed as either utterly insane or as possessing death wishes, are usually viewed by society as mere lunatics: people who do not value their lives. On the surface they are laughed at, but underneath the public condescension and jeering they are viewed with a kind of horrified admiration. Why is this? It is because these individuals are doing what they love without holding back and with no reservations. They are…

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  • Tom Lehrer: Wernher Von Braun

    Don't say that he's hypocritical, Say rather that he's apolitical. Tom Lehrer – “Wernher von Braun” July 20, 1969, 10:56 p.m. Eastern Standard Time: Half a billion people watched with pride as an American airman from Ohio took the first step onto the moon. He and his two compatriots had traveled almost 400,000 kilometers through space––the culmination of two decades of research and 150 billion dollars. The American flag planted on the Moon proved a capstone moment in the space race. This…

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  • The Titanic Conspiracy

    How the Titanic Communicated The tragic event of the Titanic may have raised many questions. How was the Titanic able to get in contact with other ships? Many people might already know, but the radio that was put in the Titanic was not the best of the technology that was available at that time. The radio installed in the Titanic could have been more efficient, contacted more ships faster, and saved more lives than what it already did. “The Titanic disaster illustrates issues about broadcasting…

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  • 4.3 Alignment Of SISP With Corporate Strategy?

    4.2 SIS and Its Interface with the CEO An executive information system (EIS) provides executives with easy access to internal and external information relevant to their critical success factors. Ideally, an EIS should be able to: Extract, filter, compress, and track critical data, provide online status access, trend analysis, exception reporting, access and integrate a broad range of internal and external data and be user-friendly and require minimal or no training. 4.3 Alignment of SISP…

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  • Gold Jewellery Case Study

    Gold margins are standardized because of adornment+ investment factor. However, quest for greater margins is driving diversification from gold jewellery products. Demand for gold jewellery remains very strong because of cultural traditions, Gold jewellery sales - for weddings, in particular - will continue to generate volume growth for jewellery retailers. Platinum and diamond jewellery sales will generate margin growth. The shift to more profitable diamond jewellery has been smooth because…

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