Anti-miscegenation laws

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  • Summary: The Issue Of Racism

    The Issue Of Racism “You’re a terrorist!”, is something that has been said to me many times to me throughout my life. “I can’t breathe!”, said a black man in New York with asthma who was put in a chokehold and killed by police even though he said it repetitively. A black male was shot and killed by a police officer while unarmed and surrendering in Ferguson. A french magazine group was killed for making fun of a holy figure of Muslims on their magazine cover. An unarmed colored male was shot…

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  • Black Lives Matter Reflection

    This semester, I went to Black Lives Matter by Patrisse Cullors, during MLK week. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this presentation. Racism is a hot topic and can be discussed in many different constructs. There were few white people there, and a majority of the people there where African American. I felt that the target audience that Cullors needed to impact was sadly not there. Being that most of the audience was black, they are thoroughly aware of the struggles that comes with having a…

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  • The Influence Of Interracial Dating

    “Research Question” -What are the differences in perceptions about interracial relationships from the self point of view, and perceptions on others in interracial relationships? -What factors affect perceptions on interracial dating the most? There are a few concepts that seem to be important in forming perceptions on interracial dating. The age of the respondent is likely to affect their perceptions. Kimuna and Straus (2013) hypothesized that “The younger the respondent, the more likely they…

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  • Philippine-American Enlightenment

    This statement claims that due to the fact that European and U.S colonial powers were a product of the European Enlightenment, they believed in the equality of all human beings. The Japanese also believed that within the spheres of race and culture, they shared these similarities with their colonized subjects. Therefore, European, U.S. and Japanese colonial endeavors were not a product of racist discrimination but a tactic developed to lift the status of women within in the areas that they…

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  • Jelyn Mccurdy Criminal Justice Analysis

    into two points of view: discrimination is present when convicting a person from a minority or racism is no longer part of the criminal justice system. The first point of view, in “Criminal Justice,” Jesselyn McCurdy argues that racial profiling by law enforcements agents is based on purely racial stereotypes (45). She stresses the fact that the well-known war on drugs and terrorism is providing more explicit profiling to the criminal justice system, ignoring the fact that they are more often…

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  • Plot Summary Of The Play 'Mapping Of Mulatto'

    Mapping of Mulatto Exposition (or introduction)-Before the dialogue begins, the author gives a vivid visual description of the surroundings. The audience and reader is aware that the play takes place in a big house on a plantation in Georgia. Within the first few exchanges of dialogue between Norwood, (the owner of the plantation), and Cora, (his house slave and mistress), it is evident how he feels about and treats his own children that he has fathered with Cora. Complication and…

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  • Crenshaw Theory Of Intersectionality Analysis

    Intersectionality cannot merely be defined as the recognition of multiple, and marginalized, identities. Instead, Crenshaw asserts that intersectionality must address the fact that each identity impacts an individual’s experience and oppression in different ways, and that to analyze a situation from an intersectional perspective means to investigate acts of individual oppression and the effects of overlap as well. These multiple aspects of an individual’s identity serve to enhance and…

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  • Media Influence On Police Brutality

    Literacy Review The effect of media on society regarding police brutality on the black race has been a topic and problem in the United States since Martin Luther King in the 1960’s. Patron (2004) states it took years for MLK’s Letter from Birmingham Jail to be read by many, but when it was read society improved discrimination and police brutality. Since the recent years of the 21rst Century police brutality has been a major subject of interest for the media and society has responded in different…

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  • Racial Tension In Lemonade By Derrick Bell

    ell’s story points out the racial tension in America through a seemingly outrageous analogy: aliens ask for all African Americans to be taken from the country in exchange for gold, fuel, and chemicals to restore the suffering environment. The story illustrates a largely racist America, with Washington jumping at the possibility of giving their black population to the aliens. America ultimately agrees to the inhumane proposal, sentencing their able-bodied black population to an unknown future.…

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  • How Does Lee Present Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird

    Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”. This quote is saying that one shouldn’t base a person off of the colour of their skin, but should base one off of their actions. In today’s society, men, women and children experience racism in their lives either as victims themselves or being guilty of saying racist comments towards others due to differences between them. Racism is defined as:…

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