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  • The Green Glass Sea Theme

    In my opinion, “The Green Glass Sea” by Ellen Klages is an amazing book. “The Green Glass Sea” is about a little girl named Dewey who goes to a place the book calls “The Hill” to live with her father. “The Hill” is the place where during World War II, scientists came together to help make the nuclear bombs, or as they call it, “the gadget,” that would be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All throughout the book, Dewey faces many problems such as adjusting to her new life, being bullied, and her…

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  • Peter The Great Impact Essay

    The Man Who Left a Huge Impact; Peter the Great Peter I, the second-crowned czar of Russia, was the most efficient ruler of Russia. Also known as Peter the Great, he died February 8, 1725. Peter ruled from May 7, 1682 until November 2, 1721. Peter is the son of Alexis of Russia and Natalya Naryshkina. In 1689, Peter married his first wife, chosen by his mother, Eudoxia Lopukhina, however after nine years, Peter decided that he really was not in love with his wife, and he got divorced. Peter had…

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  • Anne Frank Performance Evaluation Essay

    family and homes they had to give up. Some of the literature documentations that i will be talking about in this essay are; “The diary of Anne Frank”, it is a story about a family that had to leave their old life to go into hiding so they did not get caught by the Nazi another text is,” Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl” is about all the things that Anne Frank had to go through and the struggles of leaving behind friends,and last but not least is, “The Acceptance Speech from the Nobel Peace…

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  • The Boy In The Wooden Box Essay

    What is conflict? Well conflict is a struggle or an opposition that people deal with on a daily basis. Responding to conflict positively is the best thing to do, but it can be challenging. People are different, some people respond to conflict negatively compared to positively, and some people don't really respond to conflict at all. You can't avoid conflict in your life, but the best way to respond to conflict is positively because if you have a positive outlook on things, conflict can…

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  • Why Did Anne Frank Survive The Holocaust

    For example, Anne Frank and Alexander Kimel both utilized various survival skills during their disastrous and horrendous experiences in the Holocaust. To begin with, Anne Frank was a remarkable young woman who went into hiding with her family to survive the Holocaust. After Anne’s sister, Margot Frank, got a letter saying that she was going to be sent to a camp. The day after they fled to Otto Frank’s business attic. Everyday they had to maintain the silence in order…

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  • Catherine De Medici Research Paper

    “The first lesson I learned was not to wait for a man’s rescue. History is written by the survivors and I am surely that.” Catherine didn't have a great life when she was younger she has been through alot but still accomplished her major goals. Catherine de’ Medici was a very strong women who had to fight for her rights to achieve her goal. Catherine had her up’s and down’s throughout her life. She was mostly involved with starting wars. Which some people can believe, and can't . Catherine…

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  • Why Is King Henry Viii Important

    Since Anne only delivered a little daughter, Henry VIII had her beheaded. His next wife, Jane Seymour, finally gave him a son, but Jane died during childbirth. So, Henry once again looked for a wife. He saw a portrait of Anne of Cleves and decided he wanted to marry her. When she came for the wedding, he realized that the artist painted her more beautiful than she…

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  • Otto Frank Research Paper

    Do you know who Anne Frank is? Anne Frank and her family were all Jewish during the time we call "The Holocaust". This time was also known as World War II, when they ally powers and the axis powers fought for the Jewish freedom and many other reasons. Adolf Hitler was the leader of this terrible movement and led an army of the Nazi's. He was the one that said he wanted all the Jewish dead. But a fun fact was that Hitler was Jewish himself. Otto Frank, Anne's dad created a safe place or zone for…

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  • Hester Prynne Punishment In Scarlet Letter

    During the 1600's there was a type of punishment in Puritan society where someone would have to wear a scarlet letter on their shirt. This was for the reason of public humiliation so people would be discouraged to do anything bad. In The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne the main character Hester Prynne is being punished for a crime she committed and the punishment was public humiliation so she was forced to wear a scarlet letter. She was being discriminated and left out of society. In this…

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  • The Analytical Essay: The Diary Of Anne Frank

    Anti- Jewish laws. But now, as the year 1947 rolls by, a dad was able to fulfil his little girl’s wish. That dad was Otto Frank. The Frank family was a Jewish family and was forced to live in hiding till the war was over. Otto’s youngest daughter, Anne, wrote a diary, and Otto published it making her wish come true, which was her being an author. However, not everyone in the Frank family was able to see the war end and was able to see Anne’s diary published. Only Otto survived the war. “Well,…

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