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  • Research Summary: How Built Environment Affects Travel Behavior

    a lower residential density will lead to a higher VMT. In the same way, employment density is negatively related to VMT in Seattle, WA and Baltimore, MD study areas. The level of mixed land use is negatively related to VMT in all, but the Virginia case. Average block size is positively related to VMT in all the study areas. Likewise, the distance from the CBD is positively related to VMT, except the Virginia…

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  • Curation Journalism Case Study

    era of new media, it is observed that the term is also applicable in online journalism work, where the role of journalist in this case can be compared with the work of a curator in a museum. This particular practice is mentioned as curation journalism since it involves the process of gathering a variety of information as raw materials from spread sources - in this case: found over postings on social media - which are then compiled into a structured story (Guerrini, 2013, pp. 7-9; Knight, 2013,…

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  • Political And Ethnic Conflict In Nepal Essay

    The main purpose of this qualitative descriptive study is to carry out analysis of major causes of youth labor migration after political revolution in Nepal, and its relationship with political and ethnic conflict in recent years. This study proposes to conduct a six-month long qualitative research in Southern-Central districts (Parsa, Bara, Rautahat, and Sarlahi) of Nepal on the subject of youth migration and ethnic conflict, and how ethnic conflict plays role in this issue. Often time, policy…

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  • Mosquito Borne Virus Case Study

    When making an ethical decision, all parties must be taken into consideration. Utilizing the mosquito borne virus case study allowed the manager to apply the three ethical theories and validate the best outcome of decision. The justice model takes into account of treating all stakeholders; athletes, coach and team members equally and fairly but each stakeholder could…

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  • Nosocomial Infections Study Guide

    Prevention of Nosocomial Infections Class Description: The course will provide the students with a solid foundation in understanding the concepts of prevention of the nosocomial infections; including the risk factors and methods of prevention and will be able to employ the knowledge in the clinical setting. Student Outcomes: Upon completion of the class the students will be able to: • Describe nosocomial infections, including its etiology, risk factors, methods of prevention, and the…

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  • Writing A Case Study Sample

    1 How to Write a Case Study What Is a Case Study? A case study is a puzzle that has to be solved. The first thing to remember about writing a case study is that the case should have a problem for the readers to solve. The case should have enough information in it that readers can understand what the problem is and, after thinking about it and analyzing the information, the readers should be able to come up with a proposed solution. Writing an interesting case study is a bit like writing a…

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  • Observation Of Case Letter

    Lesson Elements Observations/Notes Learning Objective • Group 1 o When given a list of 26 upper-case and 28 lower-case letters, the student will be able to identify at least 85% of the letter names correctly. o When the student is shown 25 sight word flashcards, the student will be able to identify at least 80% of the words correctly. • Group 2 o When given a list of 26 upper-case and 28 lower-case letters, the student will be able to identify at least 90% of the letter names correctly. o When…

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  • Music Therapy Case Study Examples

    Case Examples of Music therapy for Survivors of Abuse by Kenneth E. Bruscia is a collection of case studies in which the clients discussed have been affected negatively by emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. The emotions manifested by each study aided me as a reader to understand what everyone had to face physically and emotionally. Physical wounds heal on their own, but psychological symptoms often worsen over time without the proper treatment because these traumatic experiences infest…

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  • Stare Decisis: Legal Rule

    This strategy dictates that the court must abide or adhere to decided cases. Stare decisis is a legal rule which dictates that courts cannot disrespect the standard. The court must endorse prior decisions. In essence, this legal principle dictates that once a law has been determined by the appellate court (which hears and determines appeals from the decisions of the trial courts) to be relevant to the facts of the case, future cases will follow the same principle of law if they involve…

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  • Ostracism In The Classroom

    made me reconsider one of the assertions that I made following the process of coding and analysis. My assertion was generally similar to the one proposed by the professor, both of them fall under the same category of human emotions identified in this case, but hers was more accurate in terms of naming the exact description. I arrived to this conclusion based on surfing and reading some of the relevant literature in social psychology. The interviewee was responding to a question about how he…

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