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  • Classroom Prevention Plan Essay

    environment consist of constructing rules that will be followed in the classroom. These rules should be limited in number, fair to all students, and explained as well as taught to every student (Slavin, 2015, p. 279). Depending on the grade level, I would either write my own set of classroom rules, or if the students are mature enough, I would allow them to work as a group to create a set of classroom rules that will be followed during the school year. Classroom rules are a set of…

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  • Lesson Plan For Volleyball

    Lesson: Volleyball Skill Description: The motor skill involves two teams hitting a volleyball back and forth over a net without letting the ball hit the floor. Which ever team lets the ball hit the floor loses the point. Games are to 25 points, and only three touches on the ball are allowed per side before it has to be sent over the net. This game is worthy of teaching fourth graders because it teaches them about teamwork, quick thinking, communication, cooperation, etc. Teamwork and…

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  • Theme Of The Secret In The Wings

    As we usher in the festive season, the magnificent University of Illinois at Chicago Theatre rekindles our love and belief in fairy-tale by astonishing us the phenomenal play titled The Secret in the wings by Mary Zimmerman. With the amazing direction by Christine Mary Dunford, the secret in the wings brings stories of love, life and fantasy alive on stage. Everyone at some point in their life have had deep believe in fairy tales, some still hold on to them, I should know because I’m one of…

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  • Essay On History Of Basketball

    Canada to win the first gold medal in basketball. In 1949, the National Basketball Association, also known as the NBA, was born. The NBA started with seventeen teams, but by 1954 only eight teams still participated. Later in that year, the NBA changed rules and now thirty teams around the country play today. It wasn’t until 1996, the Women’s National Basketball Association was established and it was a huge success. Today there are only twelve teams in the WNBA, but the program is still…

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  • Narrative Essay On My First Home Run

    First Home Run The pitcher steps on to the mound and is ready to pitch, and whoosh in comes a fastball and crack the way I hit the ball sounded like banging a hammer on a piece of metal and as I took off running I watched the ball sail out of the park for my first home run. As I rounded second base I could hear the voices of sister Larissa my mom Leeann and my dad John screaming for me and could feel a lot of excitement from the crowd. In this story I am going to tell you about when I hit my…

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  • Exclusionary Rule

    The exclusionary rule is a rule that is available to a defendant in a criminal case that is a remedy for an illegal search that violates their Fourth Amendment rights ( n.d.). Furthermore, one of the most important corollaries to the rule is the “fruit of the poisonous tree” doctrine. Unfortunately, like all rules there are some exceptions to this rule. One of the exceptions is when a police officer has an independent source of knowledge besides that of the fruit of the…

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  • Analysis Of Lucy Grealy's Autobiography Of A Face

    Imagine playing dodgeball in elementary school. The thrill of evading the rubber balls, with the cool air smacking against your face as you run. Imagine preparing to catch a ball, and receive the pride that accompanies getting the opposing team out. Imagine getting smacked in the jaw by someone's head, and then feeling an excruciating pain for the rest of your life. Lucy Grealy experienced such traumatic events and reflects on them in her memoir, Autobiography of a Face. Within the memoir, she…

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  • San Quentin's Giants Analysis

    Baseball is a game played with a bat and a ball between two teams of nine players, each on a large field having four bases that mark the course a runner must take to score. It requires teamwork and communication. Subsequent to watching the short documentary, San Quentin’s Giants, I showed some of my neighbors the short film and asked them what they thought the overall message was. Most of them said that they thought the factual program was about how convicts at San Quentin State Prison got…

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  • Why Is Baseball Important

    came about the American life. It all started in the year 1845 when Alexander Cartwright made a rule book of baseball rules for the Knickerbocker Club of New York. This is claimed to be where the main rules of baseball were adapted from. Alexander Cartwright owned the team “Knickerbockers”, and he made the rules to play…

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  • Mapp V. Ohio Case Analysis

    Introduction The Bill of Rights was passed in 1791. It is composed of the first 10 amendments proposed to the Constitution and encompasses a wide range of protections for American citizens (Lab et al., p. 41). One such protection comes from the fourth amendment which states, the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by…

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