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  • How Did Walt Disney Influence The World

    home. At first, he wanted to name the mouse Mortimer, but his wife Lillian hated the name. She helped Walt come up with the name of the infamous “Mickey Mouse.” Mickey became one of the most popular and recognizable cartoon characters worldwide and has been influential to many other cartoons. Along with the creation of Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney had such a phenomenal imagination. He has produced multiple movies, such as: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), Cinderella (1950), Sleeping Beauty…

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  • The Film Shrek: A True Hero

    requirements needed to prove that Shrek is indeed a hero that is being represented. The film “Shrek” is a 2001 computer-animated fantasy-comedy film that is initially based on Steig (1990) fairy tale picture book. Shrek has all the characteristics of the hero archetype, even though he is not the typical good-looking masculine hero depicted in most stories for example, in Disney cartoon where, the charming handsome prince that saves the princess in distress. Shrek on the other hand, is a charter…

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  • The Characteristics Of Walt Disney: An Evil Man

    Disney and his brother Roy pooled their money together and rented out a small office in Los Angeles to start another studio (Where Are You From?- Credo Reference). They called it “Disney Brothers Studio” (The Walt Disney Studios). Their very first animated cartoon character was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (Where Are You From?- Credo Reference). The Disney brothers shared their idea with one of their employees, Charles Mintz. But there is an evil twist when it comes to Mintz. Mintz did not actually…

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  • Cartoon Mothers Dead

    Sara Boxer, author of “Why are all the Cartoon Mothers Dead?” illuminates readers on the horrors of the beloved cartoon films so many people love to watch. Boxer was previously an editor and writer for the well-known Newspaper Company New York Times. The author attempts to persuade readers of her ideas that influence her to write this essay. Her first claim is that Mother characters are often killed before the film or in the early beginnings. She also finds herself pointing towards father…

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  • The American Dream In Snow White By Walt Disney

    “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them (Walt Disney).” You need to do something beyond what you hoped for when it comes to making dreams come true. Believe in yourself and don’t listen to what others think. Walt Disney believed in himself when it came to making Disney movies. He said the quote above because he struggled to make his dreams come true, but he still had courage to make it into something. Although he had to overcome many obstacles, Walt Disney used his…

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  • How Did Walt Disney Change The World

    movies forever. One of the most influential movie makers was Walt Disney. Walt Disney went through many trials before making it to the top of the success ladder. But when he did, he thrived there. He created movies and characters that now star in many animated Disney movies today. Disney was, in short, one of the most amazing people to walk the earth. Walter Elias Disney, also known as Walt Disney, was born in Hermosa, Illinois, on December 5th, 1901 ("Walt Disney Biography"). But in 1910, his…

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  • Analysis Of Frozen: The Future Of Animated Films

    Dreamworks always produces zany cartoons with wacky humour (Corliss). But I groaned as I watched Brave, sleeping through the “beary” outlandish mother-daughter relationship and the decidedly dull plot. Had Pixar lost its mojo; did I mention heresy? Yet Monsters University confirmed my assumption, and I worried for the future of animated films— could no studio bundle themes and storytelling into winning, cohesive films? Then Frozen hit cinemas, with its all-engulfing popularity perplexing me:…

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  • Walt Disney Influence On Society

    and that is what they loved about her. She became a head figure for hope during the Depression. According to Isnawati Wantasen, “The common gender stereotype in American popular culture is that of the traditional wife and mother. Explored in Disney animated movies such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs… (Wantasen, 5).” What Wantasen meant is that Disney had specific gender roles set in place, and Snow White depicted the kind and caring mother many people wanted. Through all the harm and…

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  • Mickey Mouse: How Walt Disney Changed American Culture

    with animation, produced Hollywood’s first full-length animated feature film, and reinvented amusement by changing the recreational Trolley Parks to what is now theme parks. Walt Disney was not born into a family of glamour, in fact his father believed in things far from it. Elias Disney was very strict and firm while raising Walt, he did not believe in the ideas of the entertainment…

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  • How Did The Simpsons Affect American Culture

    condemn these lyrics as being powerful enough to incite a rebellion, whereas others will view the song as a satirical statement of the U.S. government operates today (Ricke, 2012). Shows like Family Guy are brewing a cultural rebellion. It shows that animated sitcoms play the role not only as a communication tool but also an interaction medium. Audience have a growing sense that anything goes mentality permeating our electronic culture, and electronic culture contributes to the moral crisis…

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