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  • Aaron Blaise Research Paper

    Aaron Blaise: Animator and Illustrator Aaron Blaise is an artist and animator who worked for 21 years creating some of the greatest animated films of the 20th century. He began with illustration work, but learned to create animation in the late 80s under Glen Keane, helping him to eventually becoming director of animation in several films at Walt Disney studios. He is not only an animator but a painter, digital artist, and instructor. In his many years of training, he has travelled around the…

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  • Walt Disney Influences

    Walt’s movie Snow White broke new ground in several ways. It was the first celluloid animated feature film ever produced and was the first animated film to be in color (technicolor). They also had to make 250,000 celluloid frames. There are ten steps to make the films, here are the basics of them. First, they make a story board. Next, they story board is presented…

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  • Private Snafu: Booby Traps

    A film should associate with entertaining the audience and knowing whom the audience is to satisfy them. I watched a 4 minute long black and white animated cartoon called “Private Snafu: Booby Traps” by Robert Clampett from 1944. The film involved a character resembling of a soldier of World War II that learns the hard way the dangers of booby traps. Throughout the film, Clampett makes it obvious that he is aware of his audience being the soldiers of War World II and does so by…

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  • Sita Sings The Blues

    It was the first time that I heard and watched this movie---Sita sings the Blues. This animated movie won the best-animated feature on the Annecy International animation festival, and it also got the award nomination of the independent spirit of the 24th American independent filmfest. There is no doubt that this film is a wonderful film otherwise it cannot win and get these honors and awards and the focus from so many people around the world. But there are still many people think this film is a…

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  • Analysis Of Animation And Conveying Culture: The Legend Of Qin

    The FYP Proposal The Legend of Qin: Animation and Conveying Culture Introduction “The Legend of Qin” is the first Chinese 3D swordsman theme animation produced by Sparkly Key Animation Studio. It was released through television and internet platform since 2007. Thus far, this animation has become a series of productions. For a Chinese animation, the scale of it has create a unique record. The broad and profound Chinese traditional culture shown in animation is an important factor for the…

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  • Shrek As A Social Media Meme

    of artwork in the tunnels near Lanark residence, and obviously painted by some of its floor members quite a few years ago. This particular sign caught my eye because I was curious as to why an entire floor of people would choose a 2001 children’s animated movie to represent them in a public area for an indeterminate amount of time. I believe that the Shrek painting is a perfect example of a social media meme. According to Little (2014), “Internet memes—images that spread from person to person…

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  • Common Themes In Disney Movies

    and ideas that are placed within the stories. I have found that there are three common themes that almost all Disney movies share. These are poetic justice, racism and anti-feminism. Body1: Happy ending like poetic justice All of Disney’s animated cartoons have a happy ending with poetic justice. Poetic Justice is the idea that the protagonist of the story is celebrated while the antagonist is punished and given what they deserve. For example, In Cinderella, once she is given glass shoes, she…

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  • Walt Disney Informative Speech Outline

    Vicky Kendirjian Informative Speech Outline Topic: Walt Disney English 203 Dr. Samira Shami Purpose At the end of my speech, the audience will be knowledgeable of Walt Disney’s life, including his starting point, failures and finally the great achievements, which are being reflected for decades and many generations including us are witnessing them. Introduction “All our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them.” Claims one of the world’s most influential, legendary,…

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  • Character Analysis: The Cleveland Show

    Hello everyone, My name is Liliia Riabenko and I am really into American culture. Personally I am fond of American movies, serials and cartoons. Today I want to share my thoughts about the question of multiculturality and the American dream in American animated sitcom “The Cleveland Show”. Everybody who is familiar with the USA and American culture in general should know that many ethnic groups live within the country. The Cleveland show is a sitcom that depicts the life of African-American…

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  • Walt Disney Accomplishments

    he began right away on producing three new cartoons which featured a new character that Walt had been working on, which was Mickey Mouse. The first animations featuring Mickey were, Plane Crazy and The Gallopin’ Gaucho which were both silent films, which were never distributed. However, when sound came into film, Walt created a third short. Which was sound-and- music ready for the short named Steamboat Willie which was the first synchronized sound cartoon, that premiered on November 18, 1928,…

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