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  • Van Kleef's EASI Model Analysis

    processes where observers’ conduct is influenced: respectively, inferential processes and affective reactions. An example that is illustrated meeting a colleague in a bar, and showing up 30 minutes late. The coworker articulates anger concerning your tardiness (Van Kleef, 2009). His anger might lead you to recognize that they are upset with you…

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  • The Struggle Revealed In Cole's Cabin

    frantically searched the boxes, and he found some matches. Cole’s anger had overpowered his body. As he opened the gas and drained it all over the shelter. Then, with a singular match, the place was in…

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  • The Child By Tiger And The Most Dangerous Game Analysis

    Thomas Wolfe’s The Child by Tiger and Richard Connell’s The Most Dangerous Game both take a look at the result of a deteriorating mindset of two strong men. The stories are written in a way that give us a small glimpse into the tainted mindset of two very different individuals and the outcome of that deterioration. Although written in different styles, with dramatically different characters both stories have common characteristics. In The Child by Tiger, one man hides his mental struggle behind…

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  • Racism In John Steinbeck's The Grapes Of Wrath

    The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck is a heart wrenching and eye opening novel. Steinbeck gives a clear and precise picture with the words he employs. One recurring perspective, abundantly obvious, is prejudism. Anger, fear and misunderstanding flow between the Californians and the Oklahoma immigrants, all of which cause a double-sided prejudice. As the Oklahomans come in droves from their devastated lands and attempt to build a new life for themselves, the Californians angrily look at them…

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  • Analysis Of Agamemnon In The Iliad

    King of Mycenae and general of Achaea, Agamemnon is an extremely important character in The Iliad. One major characteristic as well as flaw of his character is how he is quick to anger and arrogant. While Agamemnon feels pressured to fulfill the role of a great Achaean general, his anger, selfishness, and strong sense of pride affects and even kills many Achaeans, nearly causing them to lose the war, which demonstrates how rageful and stubborn actions can cause utter catastrophe. Agamemnon,…

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  • The Outsiders Movement Analysis

    and how outraged he is about the Socs and Johnny. The movement in this scene represents Dally’s emotional state which is fragile, broken, and beaten because he knows there is a chance Johnny may die. Every movement by Dally reveals his emotions of anger, fear, hatred, and sadness. While Dally’s hand trembles with the knife, this reveals his anxiety for Johnny’s future and his own without his best friend (Johnny) in his life. The fast movements by Dally and Two-Bit with the knife show they are…

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  • The Role Of Punishment In Dante's Inferno

    Dante believes that there are circles of hell and as you go down the punishments and crimes get worse and worse. The fifth circle, seventh circle, eighth circle are the most fitting punishments for the crimes committed. The fifth circle of hell is anger. Anger is one of the most frowned upon emotions by religions and society. The angered are forced to be transported by a boat and then forced to argue with each other all day. They have no other choice but to criticize…

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  • Identity In John Donne's Lotion By Toni Morrison

    The novel itself intensifies rather than deflects the reader’s sense of Morrison’s anger. Morrison’s scale of anger about racism parallels with the characters and what happens to them in the book, meaning that as Claudia gets angry or upset with Pecola at times, us as readers should too. Morrison’s anger does not just come about to write a good story but out of frustration, she wants readers to understand that race is an ideologically construction. Throughout the history of African-Americans,…

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  • Theme Of Fate In Native Son

    calm down. However, he couldn’t do it naturally therefore felt as though he needed to hurt someone or something almost all the time in order to release his anger. On page 220, for the first time without having to hurt anybody, “he felt the tenseness flow gradually from him… ” (Wright). During another juncture in the book Bigger was infused with anger while running from the police with his girlfriend, and needed to do something about it, his “... hand gripped the brick and shot upward and paused…

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  • Jack Merridew Character Analysis

    Love and Anger: Two Sides of a Coin Would you kill someone you love? Would you kill someone you look up to? Jack Merridew’s character undoubtedly changes throughout the book “Lord of the Flies” written by William Goulding. Jack Merridew’s mercy fades away by the end of the book, from love to anger, and his character impacts the book greatly. At the beginning of the book, Jack is semi merciful and loving. Jack and the choir have a democratic system where they can talk and make decisions. Jack…

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