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  • Ars Anatomica Analysis

    known for many different styles of art. The Ars Anatomica collection is prints that Leo did of the human anatomy. They are usually presented in the form of a book, but in the Leepa museum they are all hung together so you can see them as a collection. Baskin uses dark lines to shade and depict the human anatomy. In the two works that I am using, the prints show the images of the human anatomy in an honest form. The first print…

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  • Angulation In Radiology

    angles can be used to elongate or foreshorten parts of the anatomy that are the necessary focus of a radiographic study. Some examples include the tangential calcaneus and axial cranium projections. These directional changes of the tube can be very beneficial when trying to diagnose certain fractures, blastomas, and other assorted pathologies that would have been difficult to see on a radiograph with standard perpendicular CR…

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  • Grey's Anatomy Essay

    What Happened to Grey’s Anatomy? After a detrimental explosion, Grey Sloan Memorial is on the verge of major changes bound to give a refreshing and much-needed upgrade to the show fans have all come to love. Although writers have already set up plenty of room for the heartbreaking moments that Grey’s Anatomy is known for, the new season seems to come with a much lighter and warmer feel after a tragic couple of years for our favorite surgeons. After numerous questions that were left unanswered…

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  • Essay On Pilates

    Drifting in Different Planes: Pilates inspired movements Many people who sought to Pilates exercises are often instructed to use many planes so as to work and move efficiently. Drifting in different planes basically involves proper execution and movement awareness as a part of the equation. The various planes have beneficial effects to movement in life. Many of these movements are performed through the sagittal plane where extension and flexion are executed. Examples of sagittal plane movements…

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  • The Importance Of Medical Knowledge In The Ghost Map By Stephen Johnson

    The Importance of Medical Knowledge Having basic medical knowledge is essential for survival and taking care of one’s self. Without this knowledge, people can infect each other mindlessly and cause themselves and others to be at risk. For instance, in the book The Ghost Map by Stephen Johnson, the majority of people living in that era were uninformed about the disease, cholera. People were in mass hysteria because they thought that the disease was caused by an odorless miasma. This caused…

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  • Gender Discrimination Of Women In The Medical Field

    Over the years, the amount of women in the medical field has increased tremendously compared to back in the days when the medical field was mainly occupied by males. For example, in 1970, only 7.6% of females were physicians in the medical field but by 2000, the percentage of women that becomes physicians increased to 24% which is a huge increase in a pretty short amount of time. Although the amount of women in the medical field has increased, the amount of gender discrimination moves such as…

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  • Grey's Anatomy Analysis

    If you want to watch a show that will emotionally scar you and rip away your happiness, Grey’s Anatomy is the perfect option. You’re constantly at the tip of your toes wondering what will happen next. Not only, will it cause you to wonder what you’re doing with your life at possibly three in the morning, but it’ll leave you lying awake questioning every circumstance you have personally faced in life. It seems like an exaggeration, but it is one of the best shows ever produced on television.…

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  • Grey's Anatomy Character Analysis

    Grey’s Anatomy: A Superb Medical Drama Have you ever watched a television show that has made you laugh and cry in the same episode? Shows that can make you happy and sad can be considered as a drama genre. Most medical shows exaggerate and portray situations as if they would be impossible to relate to. Grey’s Anatomy is the opposite of any typical medical television show. Grey’s Anatomy is an excellent television drama because it features real life trauma scenes, romantic relationships among…

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  • The Importance Of Medical Drama

    lives including their love lives, finances, etc. One of the most popular shows in today’s society that has successfully exploded across the nation is Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’s Anatomy began early in the 2000s, but has gained most of its’ success past 2010s. The show…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Path To Become A Pharmacist

    The class I looked most forward to in high school was Anatomy and Physiology. In my Anatomy and Physiology class, we covered the basics of Anatomy and Physiology as well as depending on the unit we were on, our teacher would give us a list of diseases we would be tested on. We had to know what the disease was, the symptoms associated with it, and the…

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