Analysis of Southwest Airlines' business strategy Essay

  • Analysis Of Southwest Airlines Business Level Strategy

    Southwest Airlines Key Strategies Business Level strategy. Business level strategy is a process in which an organization focuses its core competencies on satisfying their customers, it details actions that should be taken to provide maximum value to the customers and gain competitive advantage over the firm’s competitors within an industry. Southwest Airlines employs a cost leadership business strategy which focuses on competing for a wide range of customers based on price of the goods or service being offered. Southwest Airlines is truly loyal to this strategy and that can be seen in the company’s low cost strategy initiative. Southwest Airlines has been able to maintain its pricing strategy by controlling several internal efficiencies such…

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  • Management And Situation Analysis: United Airlines And Delta Airlines

    Management and Situation Analysis for the Passenger Airline Market Due to increased competition from other airlines such as JetBlue and Delta, who focus on the customer experience, both United Airlines (UA) and Southwest Airlines (SW) are reevaluating their corporate strategies to remain competitive in a crowded marketplace. United Airlines (UA) is one of the oldest and largest airlines in the world. Currently the airline is going through the process of upgrading its airplanes and merging with…

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  • Southwest Airlines Case Study: Delta, United And American Airlines

    In this memo, I will discuss the analysis and my recommendations about the Southwest Airlines case. Southwest was founded by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher in Dallas in 1966. The business core is to provide low-fare and short-haul flight service to their customers through low cost operation. By consistently focusing on this core strategy, Southwest has grown to become one of the largest airlines in the United States, competing with other carriers including the Big Three – Delta, United and…

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  • Low-Cost Strategies And Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of Pacific Southwest Airlines

    Economy Class: In order to maintain the low-cost strategy, Southwest is focusing on the Economy Class passengers to get more travelers. Furthermore, the seat space has also been narrowed down to put more seats in the plane cabin. c) Work Environment Love, Care and Fun: Southwest Airlines believe in the fact that the organization should have open, enjoyable environment. Employee productivity depends on their peace of mind during working hours. Southwest Airlines allow their employees…

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  • Globalization In Southwest Airlines

    The Airline industry is characterized by strategic management and competitiveness. The paper seeks to provide information concerning the impacts of the changes in technology and globalization on the airline industry. Furthermore, the paper would also integrate the resource based model and the industrial organization model to try and determine the above average returns witnessed in the Airline industry. The paper seeks to analyze a case involving the Southwest Airlines. The globalization process…

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  • Southwest Airlines Case Study Summary

    possible fares, and make darn sure they have a good time doing it, people will fly your airline” (Southwest Airlines History, n.d., para. 1) stated King and Kelleher, the starters and Presidents of the airline. Using its low-cost, no checked baggage fees, great customer service, and point-to-point strategy, which allows them to pick the most profitable routes to operate, Southwest has been able to expand year after year and stay profitable. As of today, Southwest Airlines is one of the most…

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  • Case Study Of Managerial Economics And Strategic Management: The Case Of Southwest Airlines

    Managerial Economics and Strategic Management: The Case of Southwest Airlines Introduction The commercial air transport in the United States continues as extremely favored mode of transportation for many people even though the airline industry not undergoing the rapid growth it manifested prior to 1990 (Goetz & Shapiro, 2012). The population of travelers from around 1980 to 1990, used air surged on about 72%; contrarily, between 1990 and 1998, the air transport sector exhibited a growth of only…

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  • West Airlines Regression Analysis: Southwest And Southwest Airlines

    Over the past few years, Southwest Airlines has been tailoring more toward the corporate customer. For example, Southwest now has business select and early bird check in. Both of these two perks have produced direct revenue for the company of about $295 million in 2013. (Bhaskar, 2014). The strategy for the company has helped make Southwest one of the biggest airlines. Southwest Airlines had a net income in 2013 of $754 million and total operating revenue were a record in 2013 of $17.7 billion.…

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  • Marketing Analysis: Western Airlines: Case Study: Southwest Airlines

    Southwest Airlines Case Study Brittany Sogge July 15, 2014 MKT5302 Marketing Analysis Summer 2014 Instructor Dr. Werema Virtual Campus Wayland Baptist University Southwest Airlines On June 18, 1971 Southwest Airlines began flying to three cities between Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Southwest’s initial focus was flights less than 500 miles, point-to-point flights, and a fleet consisting only of Boeing 737s, high frequency flights, low fares, and no international flights (p. 258).…

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  • A Tale Of Two Airlines Analysis

    Analysis of “A Tale of Two Airlines” “A Tale of Two Airlines” is a short article written by Christopher Elliot. Elliot, a well-known author and journalist, writes for National Geographic Traveler, MSNBC, Tribune Media Services and the Washington Post and is an experienced traveler. “A Tale of Two Airlines” was published in National Geographic Traveler in the December 2012/ January 2013 issue, which is significant because these months are very busy months in terms of travel. People fly…

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