An American Family

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  • The Structural Transformation Of The African-American Family

    Ensuring Inequality: The Structural Transformation of the African-American Family Throughout history, African-American’s have struggled with equality. This article describes the different varieties of impacts that affected all the lives of African-Americans: slavery, gender, the decrease in employment, the northern migration, poverty, and much more. During the time of slavery, it was a lot easier to be married on larger plantation than smaller ones. The large plantations had a bigger variety to…

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  • Parent Gender Roles In The Non Traditional American Family

    The Non Traditional American Family When I think of family roles, I think of parental gender roles. Traditionally, it has been that of the father supporting the family, and the mother taking care of the children. With growing societal evolvement, that has changed steadily. In many instances the mother is the main financial support for the family, and the father is given the task of caretaking the children. Sometimes both parents contribute, placing the children under the care of a nanny or…

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  • What Are The Effects Of Divorce On African American Families

    Because he or she may feel like their parents broke the parental commitment to their family, adolescents have been seen to justify their independent ways because of the divorce ( Psychologytoday surviving your child ). Examples of such behavior is when an adolescent says they are not going to consult them on his/her decision because their parents didn’t consult them on the decision of divorce.…

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  • Character Analysis Of The Burnham Family In American Beauty

    In the 1999 film American Beauty, the Burnham family consists of a mother, father, and daughter. The father, Lester, is an agency writer while his wife, Carolyn, is a realtor attempting to compete to sell houses against fellow realtor Buddy King. Their daughter Jane is a dancing Spartanette who has grown distant from both of her parents and holds her father in contempt. Moving into neighborhood, new neighbors Col. Frank Fitts, Barbara Fitts, and Ricky Fitts, changes the dynamic of the…

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  • American Kinship Analysis Of David M. Schneider's Nuclear Family

    David M. Schneider best presents the idea of American Kinship and how we view those in relation to us. He recognizes that all around the world there are different languages and naming categories, yet as a human race we understand those various definitions and are able to relate our own classifications to them. Schneider uses the word “relative,” (others may use, folks, people, family) to define a relationship though blood or marriage. On my kinship chart I placed my relatives, those related to…

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  • Mexican American Family In Gary Soto's Looking For Work

    his working-class Mexican American family to the idealized white families shown on television sitcoms like the Cleavers of Leave it to Beaver and the Andersons of Father Knows Best. His early failure reminds us that American families are complicated. Nevertheless, his essay suggests that working-class families of color like the Sotos can be just as functional as Beaver Cleaver’s family. Soto contrasts the families televised with his own to suggest how Mexican American boys are taught to…

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  • The Importance Of Domestic Violence In The Arab American Immigrant Family

    Research conducted by Dervartanian Kulwicki and Miller (1999) sought to investigate beliefs and actions about domestic violence in Arab American immigrant families with the purpose of providing education and intervention. The results revealed that moderate percentages of women approved of husband perpetrated violence and control against their wives under certain circumstances (Dervartanian Kulwicki and Miller 1999). The majority of women agreed or strongly agreed that men could tell their wives…

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  • Analysis Of Proud Shoes: The Story Of An American Family

    Proud Shoes: The Story of an American Family is a fascinating story told by Pauli Murray about her maternal grandparents, Robert and Cornelia Fitzgerald, and the realities of slavery, survival, and miscegenation in the South. The novel ranges from the pre-Civil War era through the Reconstruction ultimately narrowing in on racial segregation and how it affected interpersonal relationships and individuals. The racial segregation divided people significantly and impacted the gender roles people…

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  • Differences In American Family

    When observing a Family in America today, one would be able to observe many aspects of how they function together. They would also be able to observe some differences that the family faces on a daily basis. Some of these differences occur from gender-related issues. One specific issue that the typical family faces is how children are treated and raised differently based on their gender. For example, based on the works of Seccombe from our textbook, parents may assign rules, toys, chores, and…

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  • The Way We Never Were: American Families And The Nostalgia Trap By Stephanie Coontz Analysis

    In the book, The Way We Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap by Stephanie Coontz, the author deconstructs various types of stereotypes and myths embodied by television shows that romanticize family life and gender roles. Coontz (1992) states that these idealizations promote the “traditional family” myth which she describes as “an ahistorical amalgam of structures, values, and behaviors that never coexisted in time and place” (p.9). The notions derived from this myth are a…

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