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  • Summary Of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

    The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, is a unique piece of literature that captures absurdity through humor. Douglas Adams use of absurdity sheds a light on the broader human emotions using ridiculousness and silliness. He uses the incongruity theory of humor, when something violates our mental patterns and expectations, to mix humor and irrational events to bring laughter. While the book and the movie have many differences, they both still hold the theme of absurdity, where very few things end…

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  • Disneyland Half Marathon Research Paper

    It is time to take a deep breath, look towards a goal and starting running! From August 29th through August 31st, Disney will be hosting the huge Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend. Everyone is invited to take part in the variety of events and even those who are not actively participating this weekend can cheer the participants on! This is a popular event as according to Karla Bruning of the webiste runkarlarun, "Last year, 15,872 runners finished the Disneyland Half Marathon and another 7,839…

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  • A Short Story: Jane's 'She Wept'

    awed narration as we began our final, rounded descent. Lollipop roofs on canvas tents. Sun glinting off the polished brass poles of the carousel. People darting about, miniature, with all the frenzy of a colony of ants. The huge, manic mouth of Luna Park was ever hungry, greedily swallowing the frantic flow of families. It was then, as we drew closer to the ground, that I noticed a flaw, a great blemish in the rich tapestry of carnival colour. A woman. She sat on a bench beside the duck-shooting…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Kool-Aid Man Commercials

    One of an all time favorite drink mix is of course Kool-Aid, however, is there a new mix on the rise in the store shelves? While Kool-Aid powder has always been a go-to for many American’s dating back to 1927, a new drink mix has recently been sweeping the nation in the form of liquid called Mio. Mio is a flavor enhancing liquid stored inside a portable small container making it easily accessible to squirt into water bottles while you’re on the go. An estimated 80% of American’s know or…

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  • Satire In The Chappelle Show

    “There’s a truth in every joke.” This phrase mean on a joke being taken seriously after all the laughs have died down. Joking around can be for the sake of getting laughter from others, but it is a fun and lighthearted way to bring awareness. Satire isn’t an unfamiliar subject to most performers and comedians. Comedian Dave Chappelle used satire, that usually dealt with racial identity and politics in America in most of his comedy bits in his comedy hit, The Chappelle Show. The use of satire in…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Excalibur

    Some good examples would be indoor facilities like skating, bowling, or entertainment facilities with different kinds of games for kids. ( A. Mullik ) A major factor of such a firm to be a major competitor would be cost effectiveness. Some large amusement parks like the DisneyWorld, or the Six Flags wouldn't make the cut because even though they are famous brands, and these facilities are a kid's "dream come true", yet they are expensive, not available in every city, and not an entertainment…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Day Off With Walt Disney World

    As we paraded into Walt Disney World, the excitement in each of us was overflowing. Our coaches explained to us, if we all split up into smaller groups we would get to ride more rides. As we did this, the people that like the big roller coasters all collaborated to find their perfect group. The group I was in had five people in it, containing Jenna, Presley, Blair, Carson, and me. We all knew the exact ride we wanted to start our day off with... Space Mountain, the most exhilarating and…

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  • Creative Writing: Going To Canobie Lake Park

    Going to Canobie Lake Park “Why did I agree to this? Why?” I was freaking out. I had to get off! I grasped my seatbelt, trying to get out. “Lemme out!” “Lemme Out!” And then, we were off. “Noo!” We pulled into the parking lot. It was very hot outside, and I could see water rides nearby. They looked so cool and refreshing. “I want to ride that one” I said, pointing at a nearby ride. “No, that one” my brother said, pointing at a roller coaster. “No way am I riding a roller coaster” I…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Lost And-Found Kid

    The Lost-and-Found Kid I always thought being in an amusement park all by myself would be fun. Especially the really big ones like Disneyland, Legoland, and Seaworld. I liked the idea of being independent, and get to choose my own rides. But not long after, I realized that I was so wrong. It was a partly cloudy day during the spring break of fourth grade and we were at Seaworld, San Diego, California. My really big family, consisting of my mom, dad, brother, aunt, uncle, grandma,…

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  • Euro Disney Essay

    Almost everybody has been to an amusement park in their life these days. It might be a small one or a big one. Amusement parks are in all different kinds of themes, for example, fairy tales or animations. Every amusement park is set up different with structure or has different plans for the future. The organisation that will be talked about in this report is Euro Disney S.C.A. The aim of this assignment is to make a link between the theory, which was learned in this module, and Disneyland itself…

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