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  • Theories Of Amnesia

    Memory Structures Amnesia is a partial or total loss of memory. It is usually caused after an event causing brain damage and has 2 major symptoms. The first, anterograde amnesia, is the inability to learn new, explicit information after trauma. The second, retrograde amnesia, is the inability to retrieve explicit information from time prior to trauma, with a temporal grading, meaning newer memories are more susceptible to loss (Psych 240 Lecture, 10-15-14). Amnesia has been the focus of…

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  • Confessions: A Qualitative Study

    Confessions are one of the most damning types of evidence in criminal trials. While convictions cannot be based on confessions alone, they are still relied on in litigation (Schwartzbach, 2016). Not all confessions are true, however, even if a person remembers committing the crime. Julia Shaw and Stephen Porter published a study in 2015 that examined the general hypothesis: It is possible to create a false memory of committing a crime. They used a sample of 60 undergraduate students to test the…

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  • Importance Of Mistaken Behavior

    Mistaken behavior is errors in judgement and actions made in the process of learning life skills. Many times we confuse mistaken behavior with misbehavior but it’s quite different. According to Sarah Smith misbehavior implies that it was intentionally, while mistaken behavior implies that it was unintentional. It is easy to say a child is misbehaving by his wrongdoing but we don't think about the cause of his actions. Sometimes children make mistakes like we do but, it is important that we take…

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  • The Myth Of Repressed Memories: A Psychological Analysis

    On a July night in 1984, the homes of two women were broken into and both women were sexually assaulted. During a photo array one of the victims identified the attacker as Ronald Cotton and later confidently confirmed this suspicion during a physical line-up. These identifications mixed with other evidence resulted in the arrest of Ronald Cotton in August later that year. Cotton was later found guilty of both accounts of rape and received a life sentence plus fifty-four years in prison.…

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  • Recovered Memories

    Television shows such as Law and Order: SVU have brought the concept of repressed and recovered memories to pop culture. Repressed and recovered memories can be described as memories of traumatic events from childhood, that is forgotten then recalled later in life. This is a controversial topic in the mental health community; with the draw surrounding the validity of these memories. Working with doctors and researchers, judges within the court circuits must pick a position to get the justice…

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  • Essay On Infantile Amnesia

    including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), borderline personality disorder, addiction, depression and anxiety1-4. Paradoxically, episodic memories formed during infancy are apparently forgotten, a phenomenon known as infantile amnesia5-7. Infantile amnesia is conserved throughout evolution, as it has been described in humans as well as in rodents7-10. This raises the question of how early memories can influence adult life if they cannot actually be remembered. Using the contextual…

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  • Cue Dependency Theory Of Forgetting Essay

    There are a lot of reasons prove that why the process of forgetting is believed to occur. One of the reasons is because of cue dependent forgetting. According to Tulving(1975), the cue dependency theory of forgetting also called retrieval failure of theory. It is one of five cognitive psychology theories of forgetting. It applies to long-term memory, not the short-term. Cue-dependent forgetting is means that the failure to recall a memory due to missing stimuli or cues that were present at the…

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  • Memory Erasure In Film

    Take a moment and look back on a memory that you would rather forget. Maybe you are picturing a relationship that ended badly, or perhaps the death of a family member. Maybe you are remembering a traumatic incident in your past, or maybe you are a war veteran trying not to relive the horrors of war. Regardless of the memory you have recalled, it is likely that, at some point in your life, you have come across one of these painful memories and wished there was a way to erase them from your mind.…

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  • Decay Of Memory Essay

    The human memory is an inaccurate storage of our lives, memories are often revised, cut out, or replaced. Jim’s experience with incorrectly recalling the day his parents won the lottery can be due to many different ways the brain forgets information. Jim may know that his parents won the lottery but not have enough paid attention to the specific details of the day. This occurs often with exciting events, you focus so much on what is happening we do not remember particular details. This…

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  • Deese-Roedieger-Mcdermott Paradigm Analysis

    Deese-Roedieger- McDermott Paradigm The Deese-Roedieger-McDermott (DRM) paradigm represents a strategy used to implant false memories even when information is not directly exposed to an individual (Watson, Poole, Bunting, & Conway, 2005). Roediger and McDermott (1995) adopted an experimental procedure originally developed by Deese (1959) who revealed that adults who studied a list of words were more likely to report a related word that was not presented. Deese was interested in testing…

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