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  • Yo-Yo Ma Concert Analysis

    ringed thumb out toward the quad, “I don’t think you’ll find five people out there who’ve heard of YO-YO Ma. And by the way, what kind of the name is that? Is it ghetto or something? Yo Ma?” She answered right away “It’s Chinese.” I shook my head and laughed. “I know plenty of Chinese people. They have names like Wei Chin. Or Lee something not Yo-Yo Ma.” I found it very amusing the way she expresses about Yo-Yo Ma. “You cannot blaspheming…

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  • I Hate Writing About Myself

    I hate writing about myself. It’s typical, but it’s true. I always try to bend the rules to write about anything else. So when I saw this prompt, I had no idea what to write about. At first it was just that I didn’t want to write about things from my past, especially unpleasant things. However, I soon realised that the problem with this paper was that I wasn’t over most of my struggles—or rather, I wasn’t in a position to write about them well. I sat down and thought about what I could possibly…

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  • Eithe Mcgee Character Analysis

    definitely the most secretive man I know or because of this he intrigues me and my fellow students. Dr. McGee more than anything I think wants the very best for his students, all of them, and tries to train them for the rest of their lives in the best way he can. For example, he’s always talking about how the only reason he assigns so much work is because he wants to teach each us how to read. He continually claims that he could do the same thing with a history text book, but I think he chose…

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  • Five Badass Ways Analysis

    Badass U Articles Summary How to Succeed in College (The 5 Badass Ways)! Are you going to college or going to be going to college? Let me give you this warning: you only get one shot to do it right! Who am I to say this? I have been to several huge universities (University of Texas and Arizona State University), I started over several times, went to several community colleges, strictly online colleges, joined all different kind of clubs, lived in different dorms, apartments, and at my parents…

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  • Open Meeting Experience

    each other really made me feel like they were a family in a way something that my family does on a day to day basis which is helping me to succeeded in life. With support and cultural beliefs it allows anyone to feel that their is no need to fear and you can feel comfortable to be yourself no matter your social location in society just to be open to being yourself. The experience was a good for me to observe, and understand the different ways people go through their addict and for the ones that…

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  • How Is Society Judged Black People

    has manipulated us to think the way it does through things such as social media. Posting images of skinny, size zero woman saying body goals or woman who have been photo-shopped with layers of makeup saying, this is beauty. As the images get faker and faker, people are trying to change. By the age of 10 three quarters of girls want to change the way the look, especially their weight. This is not right. We as individuals should not be ashamed of our bodies of the way…

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  • Jay Zimin Character Analysis

    person shattered by extreme trauma who has haphazardly put himself back together. The abusive treatment he underwent at the hands of his former mentor has left a lot of very deep wounds, not all of which have healed with the passage of time. In some ways, he's still mentally stuck in the time he spent under his mentor, not quite able to move on. He is a rather chaotic person and, frankly, a bit of a…

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  • Science Of Surveillance: Video Analysis

    have to totally disagree with the way technology and surveillance are going to be approached. One of the main reasons would be because more than likely you would be “looked at” from the camera’s point of view from the way you dressed, physical traits, and even possibly the color of skin. To which I strongly disagree, no one should be more scrutinized while on the street just because of their appearance. I think that should be considered racism to a certain…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Way Of Dealing With Conflicts

    Your parents are the ones who teach you to walk, talk, and everything else we must learn to do in life. I feel that all of my habitual ways of dealing with conflict come from my family members. I learned that both my mother and father handle conflicts in different ways. They both try to avoid conflicts, and I do the same. I feel that my parents raised me in a way that fighting is never the answer to a conflict. When a conflict does arise, I search for opportunities to work through them and end…

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  • College Admissions Essay: High School Vs. College Life

    High school for me is very different then the college life that I have experienced so far. In high school there is so much judgement by the things you wear, who you talk to, and the things you do. But in college no one really cares there isn’t time to judge people it doesn’t matter to them. High school could be super brutal to some people because they don’t fit in they aren’t the typical student and others make sure that they know it. I feel that in college there is so many different types of…

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