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  • Colleges Pros And Cons

    need to be considered as well. Also I want to take into account the size and diversity of these schools. The University of Missouri has about 30,000 students compared to the University of Kansas’s 22,000 students. Both schools have a very diverse student body which will help me meet new people from a lot of different backgrounds. I must choose which student body I want to be a part of, either a bigger school or a little smaller school. A lot of people who want to get involved in their school,…

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  • Writing 101 Reflection

    continue working on in order to perfect it. Having taken the writing 101 has really helped me when it comes to writing essays in a fast pace, as well as leaning how to work with different writing styles. To begin, I learned about using American Psychological Association in my writing and how to format my essays as my professor requested. Secondly, the fast pace class showed me how to manage my time successfully in order to focus more on my school work rather than other stuff. To finalize, the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Mba And Nba

    watch the game is by watching the NBA or the NCAA. The NBA or National Basketball Association, is a league of professional club basketball teams that all compete in North America with only 30 teams. It is considered to be the best of the best when it comes to the sport. The NCAA or National Collegiate Athletic Association, is a collegiate level play of basketball with over 300 Divison 1 basketball teams. Each association have been playing the same sport for decades, but each one of them has…

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  • Julius Winfield Erving: The Greatest Basketball Player

    reputation for himself. One his friends that used to play with him on the playground and the hardwood said that “ he was natural at basketball at a young age.” These words would lead to a long a prosperous career in basketball. When he was enrolled as a student at Roosevelt High School he was dominating the court. His friends started calling him the “Professor” but later changed it to the “doctor.” Julius was getting a lot…

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  • History Of Libraries In The 1960s

    U.S. Libraries in the 1960s The 1960s were a time of significant change for the United States, so much so this era is often referred to as “the rights revolution” (CrashCourse). The United States experienced the continuation of the Civil Rights Movement, the youngest elected president, John F. Kennedy—and the youngest president to die, the first manned moon landing, and seemingly everything in between. In a country that was so fraught with change, it only seems fitting that libraries were…

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  • Brooklyn Public Library

    One of the best parts of being a librarian is seeing the impact the programs and community events have on the patrons being served. However, this is paralleled by the patron appreciation that can be seen as well. In communities where every-day needs are not being met and budgets, both inside and outside of the library are growing smaller, it is more important than ever to find creative and new ways to serve the community. Public libraries are excellent places to provide at-risk youth with…

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  • Joyce Appleby Inheriting The Revolution Summary

    movements that examined the activities and causes of the revolutionary members in which they were paid little attention too. In Joyce Appleby’s Inheriting the Revolution, she writes about a social history about the first generation of Americans and those who fought the American Revolution but, as the title specifies, many who inherited it, those who had to figure out their parents daring advisory of liberty looked like on ground. Appleby explores business, politics, and family life, she…

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  • Kurt Vonnegut This Is Water Analysis

    and its roots, he discussed the corruption of the American government (calling our leaders “power-drunk chimpanzees”), the “idiotic” wars we are/were involved in, and sarcastically noting how war “only made billionaires out of millionaires” progress. Throughout this discussion on war and our government, Vonnegut throws in some insite on how sadness, through war or slavery, made music better, noting “the absolutely priceless gift which African Americans gave to the whole wild world when they were…

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  • Airway Management Case

    Discussion Vascular access, along with airway management is a standard of emergency care, and is an essential part of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in many groups of patients. Peripheral vascular access is the most efficient means of gaining vascular access as it’s induces minimal trauma, is the safest method of gaining access to venous circulation. It may however be difficult in stressful situations and require several attempts despite its widespread usage failure may result in prehospital…

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  • College Basketball Vs Nba

    Many significant rules were added the the game of basketball throughout the 50s and 60s. In 1951, the lane or key’s width was changed from 6 feet to 12 feet (Evolution). This allowed a greater chance for a team to be able to rebound. The game was dominated by tall men at the time and it was tough to rebound. This made it much easier. Later in 1954, a 24 second shot clock was introduced into the NBA (Evolution). If a team did not shoot the ball within 24 seconds, the ball would be turned over to…

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