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  • Conversion Therapy

    Conversion therapy is a therapy method that pressures homosexuals to extreme levels of stress and depression, which ultimately leads to suicide and/or mental disorder. Despite large, credible organizations and doctors, like the American Psychiatric Association, The National Association of Social Workers, the Human Rights Campaign, and many more condemn the use of conversion therapy. Those who exercise conversion therapy have no data to support their claim that it helps change sexual…

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  • Comparison Of Basketball And Football

    Most exciting game in one Dunk! Touchdown! Crowd goes wild. Basketball and football are two different sports, in basketball the equipment is different. Basketball and football are one of the most watched sports in the united states. Basketball and football are different as basketball you need different equipment while football has different rules, they are also similar as they both need equipment. Basketball is an awesome sport that is different from other sports. In basketball you need a…

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  • Conversion Therapy Essay

    Conversion Therapy (reparative therapy) should be banned! Conversion therapy also known as (reparative therapy) consists of a range of treatments psychologists give to their patients that aim to change an individual’s sexual orientation, or sexual identity from homosexual to heterosexual. Many have made complaints about conversion therapy. For example, that it is harmful not only to the adults who attend this program but especially harmful to the minors who are forced into this…

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  • Go Red For Women Case Study

    In this case study we will be focusing on the evolution of the American Heart Association’s and analyze the creation of a side project called, Go Red For Women. In the opening section of this study we will touch on the history of the association as a whole, the development of ‘Go Red for Women and the mission statement behind the organization. Succeeding, we go into depth over the association’s history and will draw from AHA AND (BLANK) to show the evolution and growth the non-profit…

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  • Autism Spectrum Disorders: Case Study

    the American Psychiatric Association’s (2013) DSM-5, Aiden would be assessed to determine diagnosis and his strengths. DSM-5 Diagnosis and Rationale According to the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-5 (2013), Aiden shows classic signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (299.00). The DSM-5 clearly states criteria required for the diagnosis…

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  • Diabetes Self Management In Nursing

    Diabetes afflicts more than 25.8 million people within the United States, or 8.3% of the population and is rising each year (Klein, 2013). From my personal experience, I see many patients newly diagnosed or hospitalized due to complications from diabetes. With diabetes on the rise in the US population, management, and patient education is something that needs to be more prevalent. Through better patient education and teaching, a number of hospitalizations in regards to diabetic side effects can…

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  • Ethics Of SOCE Therapy

    declassified as a disease by the American Psychiatric Association and removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders(Vider). Nonetheless, although homosexuality isn 't considered a disease anymore, the treatment, SOCE therapy, is still in full effect today.Now this is a perfectly fine fact for consenting adults who wish to engage in unnecessary psychoanalytic treatment, yet should a child…

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  • Mike Pence Argumentative Essay

    with medical or psychological intervention, Mike Pence has involved himself in supporting efforts that seem to be linked to conversion, or “reparative,” therapy. Fighting conversion therapy is nothing new to the LGBTQ+ community. Since the early Freudian period, many have attempted to change sexual orientations to fit hegemonic standards of the corresponding…

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  • Self Assessment Reflection And Analysis

    (Bethel University, 2014) The guidelines of APA style help to achieve a clear and proper display of writing by organizing information. (American Psychological Association, 2016) APA style also ensures that any references that are used to gather information are given proper credit with in text citations and a reference list. (Bethel University, 2014) The reference list also provides the reader with the…

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  • Sherman Alexie Should Be Banned Book Analysis

    representative Deji Olukotun and American Library Association Office Director Barbara Jones interview Sherman Alexie. This video highlights authors whose books have been banned; therefore, Sherman Alexie is a guest for this interview. Olukotun and Jones ask him a series of questions about his novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. In the interview, there are three intriguing questions: Do people feel uncomfortable discussing and dealing with Native American issues? Does the…

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