American Fear of Nuclear War Essay

  • The Nuclear War: The Term Effects Of The Cold War

    All through the Cold War, the United States depended on nuclear weapons to not only avert an attack by the Soviet Union and its allies but also to prevent the eruption of a global war between the United States and the Soviet Union. Cold War rivalry drew the United States into a drawn out engagement with world affairs, unprecedented in the country’s history, that proceeds to the present day. The stakes of the Cold War were perilously high. Nuclear war, which jeopardized the survival of human civilization, in pursuit of political objectives was excessively risky. Even if some humans survived the short-term effects of a nuclear war, it could’ve resulted in the collapse of civilization. This essay will examine the popular perceptions of the Cold…

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  • Analysis Of One Nation Underground

    Rose’s book One Nation Underground thoroughly analyzes America’s view about the Cold War and considerations for nuclear fallout shelters. The Cold War had many effects on American people. With the nuclear arms race approaching and America not being able to catch up to the Soviet Union, American people began to wonder what was in store for them in the coming future. This time period brought mixed views about what needs to be done to protect the United States from nuclear warfare as well as…

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  • Characteristics Of The Cold War

    A difficult question that surrounds the idea of the Cold War is what we all have heard since high school history class, did atomic weapons cause the cold war, or at the very least, accelerate it? According to many historians, the Cold War was a conflict of two main objectives; the development of nuclear weapons and the fear of communism and soviet expansion. With these two key characteristics, it is only logical to say that the Cold War was a spawn of both of them combined. It began as a…

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  • Youth Culture And The Cold War

    start of the Cold War between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. During this time period there was a clash between Capitalism and Communism that engulfed the world. These two very different ideologies caused thousands to dye, billions of dollars to be spent, and great advancements in technology. As a result of the Cold War and the fear of the spread of communism, America’s citizens and culture were changed drastically. During the 1950s a Senator named Joseph McCarthy went on a national witch hunt trying…

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  • Failafe And Dr Strangelove Analysis

    issues of the establishment and use of the Atomic bomb in correlation to that of the fear and anxiety of the threat of Communism. Class lectures discussed that during the Cold War era, American society is on the edge of nuclear war, where the ideology of never letting the “reds” win prevails over the idea of possible world annihilation. Nuclear technology casted a whole new approach for a future war. Massive retaliation established the idea in the US to reconcile Cold War aims with a defensive…

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  • Essay On Hysteria After The Cold War

    Second World War, tensions increased between the United States and the Soviet Union due to communism, ultimately leading to the Cold War. The American people were beginning to fear the spread of communism, increasing hysteria throughout the United States. The Eisenhower administration attempted to soothe the hysteria of Americans through legislation. However, American fear of communism and the failing of the economy kept American hysteria steady. Hysteria in America was at an all time high,…

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  • Effects Of The Bombing Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki

    widespread hysteria over the use of nuclear warfare that led to conflicts such as the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. On August 6, 1945, the world was changed forever. On that fateful day the United States plunged the world into the chaos of nuclear warfare by dropping the first nuclear bomb in world history. The bomb brought with it an absolutely unparalleled level of destruction to the Japanese city of Hiroshima. In less than a second, the lives of more than 100,000…

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  • Fall Of Communism Dbq

    victorious of the Nazis and the rest of the axis powers. A potentially more dangerous and devastating war broke out. This war, however was a battle about ideology and cultural habits and ways. This war would be against one of our crucial allies during WWII, the soviets. The tension broke out early after the russians had conquered their way back into the German heartland and had captured Berlin. But afterwards they would be hesitant to give all the land they had gained. Although, Stalin had…

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  • Survival Is Your Business: Engineering Ruins And Affect In Nuclear America, By Joseph Maco

    Survival of a nuclear apocalypse has long been ingrained in American culture. In “’Survival is Your Business’: Engineering Ruins and Affect in Nuclear America,” Joseph Masco argues that the Unite States government used tactics during the Cold War to incite a level of fear in the American population about a possible nuclear war. Masco writes, “I show that the early Cold War state sought explicitly to militarize U.S. citizens through contemplating the end of the nation-state, creating in the…

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  • The Theme Of Fear Of Destruction In The Cold War?

    futurist once remarked “Nuclear war is such an emotional subject that many people see the weapons themselves as the common enemy of humanity.” Through this quote Kahn portrays an underlying theme of fear of destruction caused by The Cold War. The Cold War was a multi-decade long conflict between the U.S and USSR. To show their superiority both sides showed power through a nuclear arms race. Humanity evoked a tense attitude because of the probability of a nuclear war was possible which increased…

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