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  • Midsummer Night's Dream Adaptations

    Michael Hoffman's 1999 film interpretation of A Midsummer Night's Dream written by William Shakespeare is quite different than the original play, most noticeably in regards to style of reading and character representation. The film turns characters such as Duke Theseus of Athens and mischievous fairy Puck into less complicated versions of themselves in order to appeal to the larger audience. This did not come without backlash, as many would argue that this in fact took away the deeper meaning…

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  • Essay On Miranda In The Tempest

    who originally held the title of the Duke of Milan until he and Miranda were escorted out in the night. They, along with servants Caliban and Ariel, have been stranded on an island for twelve years at the start of the play. Jennifer Lawrence is an American actress born in Louisville, Kentucky on August 15, 1990. She was originally discovered while on vacation in New York. To pursue her acting career she was allowed by her parents to leave high school two years early with a GPA of 3.9 ("Jennifer…

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  • Comparison And Contrast Essay: The Battle Of Beowulf

    Have you ever thought why Beowulf goes on these adventurous quests? Beowulf, son of Ecgtheow, is a brave, energetic, and thoughtful person. During the time, I read the text and watched the movie there are numerous comparisons throughout both sources. The battles Beowulf goes to conquer Grendel, Grendel's Mother, and the Dragon are the most powerful, disturbing scenes you will ever imagine in your mind. Enjoy, the comparisons and contrast in this paper, starting with Beowulf’s first battle to his…

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  • Linear Regression Analysis Essay

    Introduction In this exploration, I will be looking at the correlation between the budget of a movie and the gross of the same movie, which refers to the amount of money made by the movie. I will analyse in detail the relation between both aspects of the movie and check if my conjecture is true. I chose to do this for my mathematical exploration because I am interested in the field of films and am an avid movie-goer. I like to keep up with the latest movies, that is, be up to date about the…

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  • Rigging Research Paper

    "Stage and seating not fixed. Instead, each can be altered to suit the needs of the play or the whim of the director." (Alderson, 2002, pg. 7) It does not have a rigging system because a black box is used as an imaginary theatre experience since the actors have to make the audience believe everything they do and say with having little to no set or props. A thrust stage may have a rigging system since it uses back drops but is also seen on three sides by the audience rather than one. The rail…

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  • The Freedom Writers: Movie Analysis

    Books and movies are just two ways that people entertain themselves nowadays, but books made into movies make reading and watching them ten times better. Sometimes books that are made into movies can leave some important details out, but The Freedom Writers is one of the most portrayed movies. The Freedom Writers is one of those books made into a movie. The Freedom Writers book was written by Erin Gruwell and published in 1999. The movie “Freedom Writers” was produced in 2007 by Richard…

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  • Ingrid Goes West Analysis

    There is something truly rewarding as a movie fan, when a talented actor, good and entertaining in a number of roles, finally breaks out and taps into greatness. In Matt Spicer's feature film debut, Ingrid Goes West, Aubrey Plaza gives her finest performance yet as a woman caught up in the instant gratification world of social media. In a role that could be full of formulaic meltdowns and tired cinematic tropes, she creates a character who is selfish and dangerous, yet generates empathy and…

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  • Negative Effects Of Celebrity Culture

    In today’s world there are thousands of people called “celebrities” that the majority of the human population knows. These celebrities believe it or not have a huge impact on people. Since most celebrities are known for movies and television shows, many people know about them and probably watch them daily. Although this can have it’s benefits but the majority of it is harmful to everyone’s lives. It’s harmful because it distracts everyone from real drastic problems happening all over the world,…

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  • Theatre Reflective Report

    just an act put on in a room for an audience. As I began this class, theatre became much more. I was able to understand that theatre is not just an act put on in a room for an audience, yet it is a well thought out production between directors and actors to ensure the audience is getting the best show possible from any angle in the theatre. Theatre also is a form of art and tells a story through acting, singing, and dancing in the background of ethics, culture, and/or morals. Throughout this…

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  • Summary Of Creating A Role By Constantin Stanislavski

    Creating A Role by Constantin Stanislavski In his book Building A Character, Constantin Stanislavski gives actors the techniques needed for creating a role. He writes that a fully realized character is born through studying, establishing the life of the role, and transforming the role into physical form. He writes on three main periods: the first being preparation, the second period is the period of emotional experience, and the third period is the embodiment of the role. He compares these…

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