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  • Hallmark's Cedar Cove: Character Analysis

    than I had been in the past. There is a dynamic charisma that I first witnessed from the moment I saw her depiction of Grace Sherman, and I think that is a substantial reason why so many fans are drawn to her and stick with her for life. Exceptional actors come and go. Beauty queens appear and fade. Dancers, singers, and so much more grace our screens, both small and big, and the vast majority are unfortunately commonplace. But with Teryl, she could never be labeled humdrum or ordinary . Her…

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  • The Sparrow Play Analysis

    The Sparrow On Friday, November 18, 2016, my wife and I saw the 7:30 showing of The Sparrow, a play written by Chris Matthews, Jake Minton, and Nathan Allen. The play is about a high school girl (Emily) returning to her former school after a tragic accident in the second grade, in which she was the only survivor, forced her to move and attend a different school. Eventually it is revealed that Emily has super powers when she saves the popular cheerleader (Jenny) from falling from the school’s…

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  • Beowulf Book Vs Movie

    I never knew that there would be that many differences between a book and a movie made in Hollywood. The epic story I’m comparing and contrasting is known as the first English epic written in 1000 A.D. referred to Beowulf. In class we read the epic story of Beowulf and watched the movie Beowulf and were assigned to write an essay comparing and contrasting the book from the movie. When learning more about the epic story and looking beyond the words, the story shows more than an epic hero, it…

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  • Women In Elizabethan Theatre

    Sources say that women were not allowed to act in theatre productions because they were uneducated compared to men. Playwrights, audiences, and mostly everyone, feared that due to this education gap, women wouldn’t know what to do when they got on stage, which could potentially ruin the entire production. This made women feel significantly less intelligent, and even worthless. Men, especially the wealthy, for lacking basic knowledge and education, often taunted women. Despite the fact that…

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  • Afraid Of Virginia Woolf Play Analysis

    Unlike Glass Menagerie, however, it was clear to tell that the characters had their lines memorised cleanly and had time after memorization to characterise better. The actors had put work into the production and with everything combined (The accents, characterization, memorization, etc.), It was hard to differentiate between the actors and the characters…

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  • Behind The Scenes: A Film Analysis

    I always say, "There 's nothing like a good indie film." Well, at least, that 's what I say this year. I have only discovered the wonderful world of indie films in the past few months, but I 'm sold. When I happened upon the film How Can I Help? I was intrigued by the title and the premise. Furthermore, when Stephen Kassen (director, producer, writer, etc.) agreed to answer a few questions about the film, I was even more fascinated. With pleasure, he apprised me to a variety of things concerning…

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  • Halloween Movie Analysis

    the killer and the sense in the house. I think all the actors were terrible and not worth anything. They paid a lot 45% of their whole movie budget just so they can have…

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  • Essay On Becoming A Musical Actor

    when I grow up. An actor is someone who portrays and interprets roles using speech, body motions, and other skills. A musical theatre actor specializes in acting, while also singing and dancing to music. "In this career, you must memorize lines and actions from a script and perform them in the manner of the character you 're portraying. This job requires you to research characters, study script dialogue and rehearse performances so you may give an accurate character portrayal" ("Actor or…

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  • The Last Night Of The Ballyhoo Play Analysis

    In the Last Night of the ballyhoo play by Alfred Uhry, the whole production of the play was beyond magnificent for a first-time student who has never attended a play before. The different scenes and stage production was very up to par and the characters were very outstanding. There are a few complaints I would like to critique to make the production kind of more valuable but overall, I enjoyed the play tremendously. Starting off, each character plays a significant role in the production theme.…

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  • The Importance Of Communication In Deaf Theatre

    plan I was given the challenge of finding a way to help the actors remember the order of the play and their entrance and exits. I wanted to push the actors to use the space and not have to use language to communicate. The challenge here was to create a plan that would be sustaining and challenging but not restricting to the Deaf actors by taking their language away from them. The intention of the workshop was to slowly over stimulate the actors so that they would start to multitask. By doing…

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