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  • Are Athletes Overpaid

    Could you imagine getting paid over one million dollars, just for running, throwing, and catching, it’s unbelievable! Well, most athletes today get paid over ten million dollars, and with that amount of money, it could break the economy. Therefore, athletes are overpaid. Athletes in the past have shown to not be very financially smart. First, 78% of NFL players went into bankruptcy after retirement. Similarly, 60% of NBA players go bankrupt after five years of retirement. Therefore, this would…

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  • Professional Athletes Overpaid

    Professional athletes are overpaid. Society knows that. It is outrageous that athletes get paid millions of dollars just to entertain fans. Athletes are overpaid. Do they deserve that much money? One reason is their financial issues. You don’t hear about bankruptcy in the real world that often, but these athletes have been fighting for every penny. Kenny Anderson, a former basketball player complained about insurance for eight cars! Who has eight cars these days! Not the average person.…

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  • Are Athletes Overpaid?

    Are athletes overpaid? Depending on who you are, you might see them as people who play games, or you might see them as role models who bring joy to others. No matter which side you agree with, there is no denying that they make lots of money. Because they only play games, they make more than people who save lives, and they can go on to lucrative jobs, I believe that athletes are overpaid. First, athletes are only paid because they play games. Although they are at a high risk for injuries, people…

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  • Should Pro Sports Players Be Paid Essay

    Over the years, pro sports players have made thousands and even millions! They are considered by many people, some of the richest people in America. Today there are many sport players playing baseball, football, basketball, and soccer. Now, there is a conflict among people in the United States about who should be paid more. The two jobs are United States military personnel and pro sport players. In my opinion, I choose that pro players should be payed more and I will show why. One of the…

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  • Pro Athletes Get Paid Too Much Essay

    In the two articles “Do professional athletes get paid too much” and “Pro athletes salaries are not overly exorbitant”. They talk about the salaries of pro athletes. In the first article “Do professional athletes get paid too much.” They talk about how the salaries of pro athletes are to much. The article talks about how sports are for entertainment and Pro Athletes don’t deserve the millions of money they get by playing a sport. While in the second article “Pro athletes salaries are not overly…

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  • Wrestlers In Letitia Baldrige's More Than Manners

    wrestlers do engage in violent acts but for the majority of them they would rather do anything but that. A small portion of wrestlers like violence because if we did there wouldn’t be a wrestling team. Wrestlers as a community are very close to each other because we bleed, sweat, laugh, starve, and win together. Since wrestling is an individual sport they motivate each other and are brutally honest they have a closer connection than most friends and other sports. Wrestlers are very close…

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  • Career Essay: A Career As A Sports Agent

    As a person who comes from a country with less developed sport industry, I can say that I had no idea about the different opportunities and various career paths I can pursue. With each chapter we covered during the semester, I have discovered another career path that I can follow with desire therefore I first want to talk about the other sport related career opportunities I had an interest before deciding my ultimate goal. The sport agency is one of those options which I don’t have interest…

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  • Personal Narrative: Overcoming Asthma

    When I was a lot younger playing sports wasn’t always easy because of asthma. In the eighth grade, instead of playing basketball after football season, I decided to wrestle instead. One time in the seventh grade I went to the 2013 OKWA Novice State wrestling tournament. After several matches in the tournament I made it to the semi-finals. I won that match in double overtime. It might not seem like much, but I learned a valuable lesson. During that double overtime, I was so exhausted that I…

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  • Inequalities In Sports

    In recent decades, there has been a considerable gap between the average income of sports stars and other professionals. In search of the reasons for this unfair inequality, a combination role of the media and the entertainment industry should be taken into consideration. The popularity and fame derived from being in exposure of the media coverage, perhaps play the major role in escalating the salary of sports celebrities. In an competitive process, many gyms offer their best contracts to some…

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  • Are Footballers Overpaid Research Paper

    Are Footballers Overpaid? How much money are footballers really paid? Footballers get overpaid way to much money for the answer. This is true because, playing soccer is for entertaining purposes, and skills only. Some soccer coaches think it is right to give the most money to just one footballer star of the team. The main truth for that to happen is unfair, because there are many young talented players that should get paid money, but not overpaid. The owners for the soccer teams should just…

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