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  • Persuasive Essay About College Wrestling

    Express and Reflect Essay Once every year, some of the nation's best travel to a destination to compete not only for glory and fame, but to stand on the first place podium to be crowned the nation's best college wrestler throughout the nation, is a special time for them. Especially for me as well. College teams like Iowa, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State, Oregon State, and many more from around the nation travel to one location to face off and battle for the crown, however; only ten wrestlers can…

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  • Why Athletes Get Paid?

    Beads of sweat down your forehead fall onto your shirt as you go beyond what seems humanly possible. Top level athletes give it their all everyday always training or endorsing products for training and so on and so forth. Also, to do what they do at a professional level against many other competitors shows the amount of dedication they have. Athletes for sure deserve high compensation for the work they do, They devote their life to the sport , Bring entertainment to millions of people, and if it…

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  • Why Do Athletes Get Paid

    Athletes get paid million of dollars a year. That’s more than doctors, and even the president. It may seem unfair, but the athletes deserve their pay. Some people think that these athletes are paid way too much. Others think that the athletes deserve it. Athletes need the money to pay for medical bills and enough to suffice for the rest of their lives. Athletes have short careers. Athletes work hard to inspire and entertain us. Athletes deserve their high salaries. Don’t you think? To…

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  • Are Professional Athletes Justified?

    CEOs are the lead of many people in a company. If they were to fail and cause the company to fail then many people would be out of a job. That would be the lives of thousands that would no longer have a steady income and would have to seek another form of employment. Dorman writes that the median pay for the 200 largest publicly traded companies was $15.1 million (2013). So is it justified that the $15 million helping provide thousands of people with income to feed themselves and others.…

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  • Ufc's Anti-Doping Policy

    The UFC’s anti-doping policy appears to be doing what it set out to do, clean up the sport. The first step in this process is catching and punishing dirty fighters. So far, it appears to be pretty successful. First were a few fighters that didn’t pass the eye test, that is, just looking at the fighter’s physic raised the suspicion of PED use: Hector Lombard, Yoel Romero, Gleison Tibau. Although Tibau and Romero still claim their innocence, few likely believe them. The most recent fighter to…

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  • Performance Enhancing Drugs Pros And Cons

    Performance Enhancing Drugs in Baseball People enter competitions with a clear goal, to win. Every game involves different teams or members that seek only one purpose, to find the way to defeat their opponent, while doing the best he, she, or they can to score the most. Unfortunately, this drive to win sometimes comes at any cost. Starting with our Ancient Greek ancestors, people tried to cheat in competitions, performing better than others, and paying a particular cost for the enhancement of…

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  • Athletes Are Overpaid

    Athletes in the major professional sports are getting paid far too much. The New England Patriots quarterback named, Tom Brady is a perfect example of the amount of money one elite athlete can make in the National Football League. These athletes are having millions of dollars that are being tossed all around them. The salary amounts is a good representation of something terrible about our society. The large amount of money that these athletes are making may not always go to good use. Many…

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  • Professional Athletes Essay

    Another negative effect from fame and success is the involvement with crime. Not only are serious crimes a massive problem in the world, but one especially hears a lot about professional athlete committing crimes. Professional athletes are idolized more than people realize. Professional athletes are influential leaders that need to be disciplined by following codes of morals and ethics. If they do not follow the standards, than other people who want to be like them are looking up to someone who…

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  • Play And Get Paid Like A Girl Analysis

    Play and Get Paid Like a Girl To think it is normal to make less pay, receive less recognition, or to be declined a job position based on gender might sound like an absurd thought in today’s culture. Unfortunately, gender discrimination still exists in today’s society and is especially commonplace in women’s professional sports. Men appear to have led the way in success, talent and, agility in professional sports for as long as we can remember. However, the truth of it is many women athletes go…

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  • Steroids Should Be Banned

    Steroids and Banned substance use in Professional sports Introduction: Steroids in professional sports are used by many players or were used by current or former players. Members of organizations have either been caught with them during their careers or after their careers. There are many types of Performance enhancing drugs such as stimulants, muscle relaxers, injections and pills. Steroids has made sports seem as if they are just playing to be good and not playing for the fun and love of the…

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