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  • College Athletes

    Compensation for College Athletes Sports now a days are being put in the limelight for problems that have been arising with the organizations involved in sports. Especially with the athletes associated with the sport. People see athletes as overpaid, glorified men, but what they do is intense and a lot of hard work. They need to go through intense training and most athletes had to start playing and perfecting the sport at a young age. What they do might seem like a dream job and easy, but what…

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  • Are Athletes Paid Fairly

    Are athletes actually paid fairly? This question gets asked very often. Even if you don’t think so these athletes work very hard for their salaries. According to “Two Sides to Every Coin: Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?” being put through the physical stress pro athletes go through will affect them later in life. Athletes are not overpaid because they work extraordinarily hard just to throw a ball. Athletes are fairly paid and one reason is people help give them money. For example the…

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  • Athletes Paid Fairly Essay

    Athletes are Paid Fairly \Athletes will turn down huge contracts mentioning they have a family to feed. Being an athlete can ruin you, yet athletes still do what they love to entertain us. Athletes risk so many things. For example they get injured to please us, that is their way of making money. Athletes are so busy they don’t have time to think about retirement, so when retirement comes it’ll be hard for them to support themselves and their family. Have you ever thought about how athletes risk…

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  • Athletes Are Indirect Cheating In Sports

    Cheating in Sports Some people will do anything to win but sometimes they do it dishonestly. For instance, corking bats, taking PEDs, or paying referees to throw a game are just some examples of cheating. Some people believe that if athletes are caught cheating they should be given another chance, while others believe they must be banned from the sport. Athletes who are caught cheating should be banned completely from the sport because athletes get paid millions of dollars, it is not fair for…

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  • Bill Simmons Essay

    In Bill Simmons’ recent article entitled LeBron is Still Painting his Masterpiece, Simmons argues that LeBron James’ legacy is far from its inevitable twilight. He compares James’ past and present obstacles to those of other legendary athletes, such as Michael Jordan. Simmons, using a plethora of writing structures and styles, also discusses the historical ups-and-downs of the National Basketball Association. The article uses several anecdotes and facts to both humor the reader and support the…

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  • Wrestling Influence

    The Influence of Wrestling To a lot of athletes, when they graduate high school, it is the last time that they will be involved in the sports they have grown up loving. To the select few who get the opportunity to participate in a college sport, their sport will have an impact on them for the rest of their lives. Ben Wilcox is a perfect example of how a sport has influenced his life. He has gone from wrestling as a student, to being a collegiate wrestler, ending up as a high school wrestling…

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  • Why Do Professional Athletes Get Paid

    Wouldn’t it be great to earn $270 million just to play a simple game? Neymar, along with other professional athletes think so. But do these athletes deserve all of this money? The answer is absolutely not. Professional athletes are paid way too much in a society where salary is suppose to be based on a job’s economic importance. Teaching is one of the most important economical jobs because our future economy relies on it, yet teachers are making a fraction of what professional athletes are…

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  • Professional Athletes Overpaid Essay

    Wesley Walker, a 59 year old ex-football player, says he feels like an old man according to He was once known to be as fast as the flash by his colleagues. The reason he feels like this is due to the many intense hits he sustained during his 13 year career. His body can sometimes daunt his choice to play football. This helps lead us to the question, are athletes overpaid? Many professional athletes get paid millions of dollars. Some people think that these athletes are…

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  • National Minority Sports Marketing Firm Case Study

    1. To obtain the best possible data in assessing the merits of the traditionally white-oriented marketing strategies on clients’ race would be to collect data from active minority professional athletes who are private entrepreneurs outside of their sport organizations with owners like, for instance, Lebron James, Oscar De La Hoya, and Kevin Durant who would start a National Minority Sport Marketing firm. This National Minority Sport Marketing Firm would comprise of clients such as professional…

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  • Persuasive Essay About College Wrestling

    Express and Reflect Essay Once every year, some of the nation's best travel to a destination to compete not only for glory and fame, but to stand on the first place podium to be crowned the nation's best college wrestler throughout the nation, is a special time for them. Especially for me as well. College teams like Iowa, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State, Oregon State, and many more from around the nation travel to one location to face off and battle for the crown, however; only ten wrestlers can…

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