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  • Battered Woman Syndrome Research Paper

    Domestic violence is has always been a prevalent part of society, but has increased over the years at an alarming rate. A study by the American Medical Association has found that between 8 and 12 million women alone in the United States are at risk of being abused by their current or former partners, either physically, mentally or sexually, causing a residual affect onto their families (4). Battered men exist as well, but are often ignored and treated as skepticism because of the tropes applied…

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  • Child Mediation

    This is a brief article written by a retired judge which provides that “parenting plan mediation” often only focuses on the people at the table; the parents. This article influenced our mediation case in that it points out that while a successful mediation between the parents saves them time and money by avoiding litigation, the person(s) that benefit the most from a successful mediation regarding child custody are the children. The source contends that research has concluded that conflict…

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  • Ethan Frome's Predisposition To Defeat

    An Analysis of Ethan Frome 's Predisposition to Defeat In Edith Wharton 's novel Ethan Frome, a crippling "smash up" coasting "accident" traps Ethan Frome and his wife Zenobia as well as his housemaid Mattie Silver in their bleak farmhouse for 24 years. Starkfield, a small city that has devastating winters, is where the story takes place. A city where anybody who lives there, does not have many opportunities. This can be seen in the book when Harmon Gow, an onlooker, says, "Guess he 's been in…

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  • Civil Law Vs Mosaic Law

    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the similarities and differences between criminal and civil law versus Mosaic Law. According to Plait, P. (2010), “People seem to accept that our laws are based on the morals of the Old Testament laid out in the Commandments.” To begin we must get a clear understanding about what each of them actually mean prior to going into specific details. In the United States, there are two types of cases: criminal and civil. Criminal cases refer to illegal actions…

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  • Some Like It Hot Film Analysis

    Some Like It Hot: The Temporary Transvestite Movie Billy Wilder’s irreverent slapstick masterpiece, Some Like It Hot, challenges conventional ideas of gender, attraction, and sexuality. The main characters in the film are shown as stereotypical womanizers. They evolve, through very untraditional means of sensitization, into men capable of supporting and sustaining romantic relationships. Their transformation takes place through the use of the temporary transvestite genre. These characters,…

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  • Sexuality In Neil Simon's The Odd Couple, Felix Ungar

    Sexuality is very difficult to write about, and only the greatest can tackle this subject without making it cliche. Neil Simon spent the majority of his life composing plays and becoming one of America’s greatest authors. With his lifelong commitment to writing came the establishment of many different themes throughout his works. In his world famous 1960’s play, The Odd Couple, Felix Ungar has recently gotten divorced, and needs somewhere in New York live. His best friend Oscar invites him to…

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  • Global Overpopulation In South Korea

    Is global overpopulation really happening or not? Based on the studies conducted by the United Nations Population Division, 83 out of 195 countries, 196 including Taiwan, representing almost half of the world’s population, are conforming into this major demographic trend of being below the fertility replacement level since the last midcentury (Chamie, Opinion para. 1). Among these countries, including all European countries, a few North American countries, and some Asian countries, is “The Land…

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  • Divorce Reflection

    CHAPTER – I INTRODUCTORY REFLECTIONS Marriage is the foundation on which the institution of family is built up. Family is the unit of society on which the super structure of entire society and stability of social institution would stand. A happy matrimonial life is undoubtedly the foundation for successful family system. On the contrary, the sick and disgruntled marital relation has their repercussion impact not merely upon the related spouses, their children. Its impact on society may give rise…

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  • Bankruptcy Vs Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy is defined as “a legal proceeding initiated by an individual or company that is unable to pay its debt” (Bankruptcy, 2003). Bankruptcy law is strictly federal law and the first federal Bankruptcy Act was enacted in 1878 (Textbook). Although bankruptcy was once considered shameful in the United States, it is now considered an acceptable way to resolve financial problems but it is typically a debtor’s last resort. Each year, approximately 1.5 million debtors file for personal bankruptcy…

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  • Domestic Violence: Intimate Partner Abuse

    inc. Cohen, P. (2015). The family: diversity, inequality and social change. New York: W.W. Norton and Company. Coontz, S. (1997). The way we really are. New York: Basic Books. Divorce Net . (2016). Retrieved from Family (2016). Retrieved from Marriage and poverty: Scientific America. (2016). Retrieved from Is divorce bad for children:…

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