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  • Analysis Of The Upside Down Kingdom

    I plan to create awareness, share information, and I hope to motivate people within the range of my voice to engage in the concept and calling of The Upside Down Kingdom. I further hope to engage the congregation, as well as individuals, in new ways of thinking about liberation, ethics, and justice. Within the context of the Abundant Life Center, I believe the true meaning of these words have been minimized or lack of direction given in our ministries. Kraybill states, for example, “Justice…

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  • Steroids By Athletes

    Many people think performance enhancers create only positive outcomes for an athlete, but do they? Everyone has heard of professional athletes using steroids, but for high school athletes, it is hard for them to get acquire steroids. Since they can’t get steroids, they turn to other performance enhancers, such as Adderall, which gives athletes higher energy levels than they would have without them. Another drug used by athletes is Hydrocodone, which is used to take the pain away. They use this…

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  • Alex Rider Personal Response

    this next mission. The clock is ticking! Alex Rider, a 14 year old british spy does just that. He execpts the mission and is sent to the exoctic mountains. Alex is heroic. He saved the world in his last mission when he stopped Herold Sale from taking over everything and everyone. At the beginning of Point Blank Alex is sent to a private school in the mountains where all the wealthy families send their kids. Alex got a call from M16. The call said, “Alex your mission is to find out why the two…

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  • Why Do Pro Athletes Use Steroids

    “30% of college and pro athletes use steroids” says one study by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Many people think steroid use is wrong, but there are many reasons why pro athletes should be allowed to use steroids, including the fact that most Performance Enhancing Drugs are legal, Its their bodies so it should be their choice and risk, and every athlete has great pressure on them to win. Most people caught using PEDs are using completely legal ones. Most likely athletes will use HCG or…

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  • Martin Malcolm And Me Analysis

    Martin, Malcolm, and Me written by JD Lawrence displayed a remarkable production. JD Lawrence and his team did an impressive job in one hour to show the play. There are multiple things to discuss like the acting, directing, scenic, playwriting, costume, lighting, and sound design. The first thing I looked at when I walked in the theatre was how the lighting had been arranged. When we sat down and the play started the main focus is on the stage. All the lights pointed to the stage while the…

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  • The Roots Essay: We Are The Roots By Alex Haley

    is often the issue in many problems people face. In the TV mini-series "Roots" we see the struggles Blacks face from slavery up until the civil war. It follows the family line of Kunta Kinte and his generations to follow. As advertised, the author, Alex Haley, is a direct family member of Kunta. As a little boy he heard many stories that have been passed down about his family. He is writing to bring to the light the cruelty and injustice that has been brought upon these humans that have been…

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  • Six Feet Under Analysis

    In the series Six Feet Under, the underlying color scheme is muted and cold. The strategic use of color in the series coincides with the underlying theme of death throughout the show. The first instance of the dark color scheme is shown during the show’s theme song, in the theme song there are many items that appear in gray, brown, and white colors. The flowers in the opening song of the show start off with bright green and pink colors, which quickly turn to dark brown dull colors as the flowers…

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  • Roots: The Saga Of An American Family

    from his wagon. Tom’s daughter Cynthia is the first of the family to go to college. She met Simon Alexander Haley and married him after World War I. They move to Ithaca, New York, and in 1921 come home with a baby. This baby is the author of Roots, Alex Haley. The last few chapters of the book are Haley writing about his life. He was a journalist and in the Coast Guard for twenty years. He decided to research where is own ancestor Kunta Kinte came from. He located his ancestry and connected with…

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  • Is Adnan Innocent Or Guilty Essay

    Is Adnan guilty or innocent? In the podcast and transcript, Adnan was a high school teenager, whose best friend is Jay. Adnan was the one that killed Hae which is his ex-girlfriend. A few days after Hae was killed, Adnan got sent to jail for his crime of murder. A detective named Sarah Koenig was investigating whether Adnan actually did killed Hae. When Sarah was listening to Jay when he was being interviewed by a police, he told 2 different stories which gave the police a lot of complications…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Steroids In Baseball

    The Negative Effects of Steroid Use in Baseball When talking about the greatest negative effect on any sport only one thing comes to mind and that is steroids. Steroids have tarnished every sport but in particular they have put tons of negative setbacks on the sport of baseball. To better understand the negative effects that steroids have in baseball, one must know the effects it has on a player, how it affects the rest of the league, and how steroids affect the fan base. First and foremost,…

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