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  • Alan Turing's Theory Of Artificial Intelligence

    The mathematical genius Alan Turing is famously known for proposing that if a machine behaves as intelligently as a human being, then it is as intelligent as a human being. This assertion was widely unsupported in the mid twentieth century when it was first declared by Turing. At this point in time intelligent machines and computer science were new inventions, recognised by very few individuals, and understood by fewer. Since the invention of computer processors, their speeds have been…

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  • The Island Of Knowledge Summary

    amazing the human brain can be. We use mathematics to help us form logic, put things into groups, and describe other elements of reality. Mathematics is the result of complex concepts that we have assembled with our minds. Marcelo refers to Gödel and Alan Turing when explaining that mathematics is incomplete and the Platonist ideas of mathematical perfection are not true and if they were, we would not be able to probe and learn from mathematics the way we do because everything would already make…

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  • Chatbot Research Paper

    Background The idea of chatbots or conversational agents emanated from Alan Turing’s proposal that a machine ‘can think’ like human beings and can show signs of intelligent behavior (Jiyou & Chen, 2009). Therefore, a chatbot should pass a test that is called the ‘Turing test’ which is the criterion for machine intelligence. Abu Shawar and Atwell (2007) surveyed a number of conversational agents that are used in several domains including education. They think that “the aim of chatbot designers…

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  • Cryptography: The Invasion Of Privacy

    Since the dawn of sending and receiving messages, people have had a need for keeping the information they send out to remain private and out of the hands of others. This need for security is the reason the field of cryptography was developed, from its early stages of moving letters around in words to the present use of computer programming to keep certain data safe. Cryptography is the reason we can securely use many day to day applications, but with all these developments come issues of…

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  • Z1 Computer History

    The history of the modern computer is relatively new. What we think of today of computers was not even brought into the world until the 1940’s. If it was not for the competitiveness of World War II, we could be thirty years behind where we are today. The need for faster, more efficient ways of computation and communication developed into a contest for who would have the biggest advantage in war by ways of technology. This race between the great world powers of the United States, Britain, and…

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  • Impact Of Technology In The 21st Century

    Technology in the 21st Century Computers, and technology in general, have undergone tremendous changes since the turn of the 21st century. Computers went from blocky chunks of hardware, to sleek and streamlined laptops and handheld paper thin tablets, which have revolutionized education. Whereas mobile phones have also slimmed down, losing their keyboards and making every aspect of daily life more convenient, however have had caustic effects as a result. However, the advances in technology do…

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  • Daniel Dennett's Intentional System

    work on free will, consciousness and evolution. It does raise a significant philosophical issue such as the existence of mind and its consciousness which has been debated so long by many philosophers and logical scientist such as John Searle and Alan Turing. Dennett believes that our mind is an imaginary list of instruction that anyone can predict or know about what we know. Physical stance is simply the standard laborious method of the physical sciences, in which…

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  • Importance Of Mathematics Essay

    “Mathematics” is an open concept with many possible meanings. In Philosophical Investigations, Ludwig Wittgenstein(1992) talks about the variety of language games, and “mathematics” may operate in a huge number of such games. While mathematics as a research field includes a vast domain of unsolved issues and conceptions in development. Well-intended definitions, as suggested by classic positions within the philosophy of mathematics – where logicism describes mathematics as a further development…

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  • Spacex's Falcon 9: The Intervention Of Space

    Space programs employ perhaps some of the smartest people that have ever lived. The application of physics, calculus, chemistry, biology and other sciences make this a very complicated subject. There are many companies which have some involvement with space. NASA, the most well-known, is a government run and funded operation. It has been the most successful in its 50+ years of existence. SpaceX is the most popular space company right now. NASA doesn’t launch any piloted missions currently, it…

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  • Importance Of Multimedia In Education

    Multimedia Definition: Multimedia is a file format in computer include a lot of forms like sound, videos, images, graphics, and text that we use in our daily life. It helps us a lot as an example now we use multimedia in education process t to deliver a scientific information in a simple way, which could anybody receive. History: The newspaper was the first mass communication medium to employ Multimedia, they use the text, images and graphics. After that, they start to use radio waves, in 1901…

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