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  • Roger Rosenblatt's Essay The Man In The Water

    The weather and setting of Roger Rosenblatt’s essay, “The Man in the Water,” had a prodigious effect on one particular man as well as everyone else who was involved in the catastrophic January 13, 1982 crash of Air Florida Flight 90. Due to the winter season and the weather conditions, the water in the Potomac River where passengers landed was frigid. One courageous man stepped forward and began to save as many of the horrified and dying people as he could. Since the water was so cold, it…

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  • What Is The Disappearance Of Amelia Earhart Conspiracy Theory

    Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan Crashed in the Ocean Before They Could Make it to Howland Island. Coast Guard Itasca was waiting for the arrival of Earhart and Noonan off a little island called Howland Island. Amelia Earhart sent one last transmission to Itasca where she stated that her and Noonan thought they were close to the island, but their plane was running on the verge of empty. Soon there were no sign of the plane, according to Szalay’s website (2017) Itasca started immediately on a two…

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  • Miracle In The Andeans Analysis

    The novel, Miracle in the Andes, by Nando Parrado, tells the horrifying story of a plane that crashed in the Andes mountains while carrying a Uruguayan rugby team and some of the players’ family members. Due to multiple great strokes of fortune, nearly all of the people onboard the plane survived the crash, including forty of the forty-five passengers, but the narrator and main character of the book, Nando Parrado, unfortunately lost his mother. They learned early that survival in the Andes…

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  • United Airlines Flight 232 Failures

    The crash of the United Airlines Flight 232 is a devastating event and is considered an engineering disaster for two main reasons. The failure of a fan disk in the engine which caused the plane to crash, and the high number of human fatalities due to the crash of the airplane on the runway. The United Airlines Flight 232 took off from Stapleton International Airport, Denver, Colorado, and was scheduled to land in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a layover in Chicago, Illinois. It was a passenger…

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  • Chipotle Crisis Management Plan

    in order to clear their name to the public. Chipotle closed 43 of its restaurants that were suspected to be affected so they could be sanitized, and investigate the source of the E. coli. Since the incident, Chipotle now takes serious safety precautions and safety measures to make sure that nothing like this will occur again. The franchise responded to the media immediately after…

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  • Social Deterrence In School

    campus, and police officers are staples of my everyday experience, and yet, they put me at ease. With the increased publicity and frequency of school shootings, such devices allow hundreds of schools like mine to promote their students’ senses of safety and their faculty’s sense of control about what goes on within the school. While many schools have adopted methods similar to those of mine, others are advocating for a new type of deterrence from violence, focused on addressing the social…

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  • Federal Continuity Plan Paper

    The 20th Air Support Operations Squadron (ASOS) does not have an official federal continuity plan in place. The federal continuity plan template incorporates four separate phases. Phase One: Readiness and Preparedness, Phase Two: Activation, Phase Three: Continuity Operations, Phase Four: Reconstitution Operations (FEMA 2013, p iii). Although the plan is optional, the framework of the Federal Plan Template goes in depth on how to accomplish all four phases. In the Federal Template, the Basic…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Airport Security

    peace of mind that their travels will go safely. Airport security will constantly be advancing due to new technology being invented and new security threats. Having to go to the airport two hours early for security may seem annoying, but all of the safety precautions are important for keeping all United States citizens safe while…

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  • Hypertension: A Summary

    this job. There are numerous articles based on this topic, such as “Hypertension; Air traffic controllers ' stress affects later hypertension”, “Measures of Stress/Strain on Air Traffic Controllers in Simulated Air Traffic Control”, and “Critical Incident Stress Management in Aviation”, which emphasis the idea that air traffic controlling is a severely stressful job. The title, “Predictors of Psychopathology in Air Traffic Controllers”, indicates that the article is going to address that there…

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  • Human Errors And Human Differences In Aviation Accident?

    accidents. Errors and violations are two main unsafe factors in air transportation. It contains three different errors: decision errors, skill-based errors, and perceptual errors. The systemic analysis about the human errors in aviation accident provides evidences that aircraft crashed can be avoided by correct decision and operation of pilots. Entry 2: Research question: “How important role pilots and crews play in aviation safety?” National Academy Press claims the interactions between…

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