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  • Federal Aviation Administration (Part 14 CRF)

    Aviation Parts Certification Regulations In order for aviation parts manufacturers, to produce and sell parts for engines or aircraft, not only do they have to be certified to produce parts, but the parts that they produce must be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This process is governed by Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR). According to the FAA Design, Manufacturing, & Airworthiness Division, Electrical & Mechanical Equipment Branch, federal…

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  • Northern Airlines Persuasive Speech

    Anderson over the intercom. The pilots finish their checklists and wait for takeoff clearance. “Northern 111, cleared for takeoff, Runway 22L,” the air…

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  • Research Paper On Amelia Earhart

    What do you think happened to Amelia Earhart? Millions of people know the famous aviator, Amelia Earhart. But not so many people know how she died. There are multiple assumptions for what happened to Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan. Her first flight, in 1920 was the start of something huge. She began flying many places, like across the Atlantic to Britain, and from Hawaii to the US Mainland. These flights were the many things that made her famous. Not so long after, she had bigger…

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  • Hazard Energy And Cintas Corporation Case Study

    Hazard Energy and Cintas Corporation Hudson E. Varner Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Safety 590 Dr. Dawn Martin Abstract The purpose of this paper is to address the energy control program of Cintas Corporation. The company was cited for several safety violations as well as being responsible for an accident leading to the death of an employee. Hence, I was hired as a safety consultant by Cintas Corporation to audit their energy control programs, particularly their lockout/tag out…

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  • Remembering The Wu Plane Crash Analysis

    Summary In the documentary Remembering the WSU Plane Crash, they documented the October 2, 1970 plane crash that killed 31 people on the way to a game in Logan, Utah. The documentary explains and gives information into how and why the event happened and also how it could have been prevented as well as giving an inside look with members of the team that survived the crash. From 1970 to present day the effects of this event are very much alive, whether it be the annual memorial or the statue that…

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  • Flight 800 Case Study

    When the FBI conducted their investigation they found no evidence of interference with the aircraft but when the National Transportation Safety Board had finally finished the investigation after years of work they concluded it was only a mistake in the faulty fuel tank (McDowell-Smith 1). To clarify, after the NTSB ran continuous tests they came to the final analysis that the center fuel…

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  • Airplane Experience

    and farther up, everything got so small until I couldn’t see anything at all. All I saw were white whisps of clouds. Some times if you went through a big cloud all you could see was white. Then after a while my ears started popping because of the air pressure. After that the flight attendant offered everyone a drink and a snack. They had so many different kinds of drinks, from tomatoe juice to lemonade. I got a Coke and then they offered me either pretzels or biscotti. I got pretzels,…

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  • Characteristics Of Airline Pilot

    Duties of Airline Pilot An aircraft pilot is accountable for the Safety and Security of the aircraft, travellers, crew members and cargo under various air traffic circumstances. Roles of an airline pilot are somewhat stimulating which can be accomplished successfully if the pilot is well skilled in all phases. The main role is positively to fly the aircraft securely from the departure airport to the target. Other than the air route there are other concerns as well that the Pilot has to take care…

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  • Crashes That Changed Aviation Analysis

    Chapter 5: Crashes that changed aviation There accidents that were a wake up call in the aviation industry. They triggered important safety improvements and upgrades; some of them are felt the moment you sent foot on a plane as. On June 30, 1956 the commercial aviation of the USA was hit by one of the worst accidents in those days in terms of money spent. TWA flight 2 and united airlines flight 718 collided in midair above the Grand Canyon due to both of them flying in the same airspace. Its…

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  • United Airlines Flight 811 Technical Accidents

    from the air conditioning system. A flight attendant closed down the air conditioning vent on orders from the captain. However, four minutes later, the odor returned with visible smoke .The captains decided to divert the flight to a nearby airport for a quick landing and the crew put on the oxygen masks to begin descent. Following directions of the Swissair checklist titled "In case of smoke of unknown origin" the captain decided to turn off the power supply in the cabin. This caused the…

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