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  • Learning Styles Essay

    I feel that if the teacher or professor assigns homework, it is important that I spend quality time to complete the homework. Learning is not something that comes easily to me, I have to work at it and study in order to receive a good grade. During high school and my first year in college, I spent a lot of time outside of the classroom studying. Spending time outside of the classroom helps me as a learner. Outside of the classroom, I read over the material…

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  • Freshman Composition Essay

    Freshman Composition I’s course objective was designed to help students “focus on developing and expressing ideas clearly and effectively to communicate with various audiences for various purposes and occasions, through written, oral, aural, and visual venues by means of individual and team projects.” Throughout this course my classmates and I reviewed principles of the writing process, including: planning, logical organizational, development strategies, revision, and editing, we were also…

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  • What Is White Privilege In Education

    White Privilege and Education For decades, it has been argued that the educational system in the United States is succeeding at thoroughly representing all cultures. Many people do not see a problem with the facts, especially as it relates to American History, that have been culturally accepted as true, and are currently being taught in schools. Recently people have started to notice and take issue with these problems. It is no longer acceptable, and a change is needed because, “The history…

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  • Feminist Criticism Of Shakespeare's As You Like It

    literature. However, though both men and women have been represented throughout literature there is a clear commentary thread on the roles of women in society. This “thread” has taken a name: feminist criticism. Due to the diverse array of feminist studies, many feminist critics hesitate to propose a general…

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  • Individual Case Study Analysis: A New Kind Of Structure

    Case Study Analysis: A New Kind of Structure A student pursuing a degree in organization leadership may dream about leading a team to new innovative heights and successes, however their vision likely does not include the grind of day to day tasks such as analyzing spreadsheets, preparing presentations, and other mundane items. That said, employees always have tasks they enjoy and tasks they do not enjoy in their careers, and may wish for a magic button to take on the task oriented work so they…

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  • Community College Reflection

    during ICC was credit evaluation and Room and board, and a meal plan that fits me. It was a lot of new stuff that I didn’t know, plus the parking passes I have to get. It was new stuff I forgot about, but overall ICC prepared me for the workload, study habits, organizing, and some of the process of transferring to a…

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  • Lester Burnham In Mad, Bad And Sad

    The concept of a nuclear or “traditional” family is presented throughout this film as we observe Lester Burnham’s internal struggle with his role in the family. The audience is introduced to both the internal and external points of view regarding Burnham’s family structure which frequently represents itself as idealistic to those peering in--yet, we can clearly see a strong underlying sense of discord beneath the surface. For example, Carolyn Burnham represents herself as the doting mother, wife…

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  • Dissolution Of The Oedipus Complex Analysis

    In his essay The Dissolution of the Oedipus Complex, Sigmund Freud asserts that "anatomy is destiny"(Freud 178). Anatomy defines the sexes and their fate regarding their desires, sexualities, and evidently, their gender. All humans are born with a set of reproductive organs that allows them to be categorized into certain groups as a result. According to Simone Beauvoir, "science considers characteristics as secondary reactions to a situation" (Beauvoir 23-24). Beauvoir uses the key word…

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  • Reflective Essay Diversifying Myself

    Diversifying Myself I knew having a diversity course was going to be challenging for me. I never realized exactly how challenging it would be, however. Last semester when we did the PCP groups, I struggled to understand some of the things people had been through. Overcoming my own beliefs about how the world can be has been something I have thought long and hard about this semester. Looking back at my journals, I really struggled the first month of class. White privilege is not something I…

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  • 1000 Word Reflective Essay

    MA_2016_IA_Tewodros Getachew Hailemariam (Member of Team 1) 1. Write a 1000 word reflective essay how you as an individual achieved the Learning Outcomes by participating in the online forums and tutorials and supporting your team write Part 1 of the assessment. 5 Marks. This is really an interesting opportunity for novice researchers like me. At the beginning, I was confident I will gain the basics to understand and engage in a meta-analysis and the result was really impressive. I’m now, so…

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