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  • Egalitarianism In Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron

    In this day and age, social injustices occur on a daily basis due to discrimination against one’s race, gender, sexuality, skills and more. These common occurrences promote the idea that more equality will better a nation which raises the question, would total equality actually benefit society? Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron succeeds in addressing this question and exposes the consequences of complete equality. His short story takes place in an egalitarian society where the government…

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  • Gender And Sexuality In A Passage To India

    There are many issues of gender and sexuality in A Passage to India: the novel includes an “alleged sexual assault on a British woman by an Indian man” (Childs 1999: 348), and the intimate, homoerotic, relationship between Fielding and Aziz, plays an important part. As Childs states, the novel analyses issues of control and resistance in terms of gender, race and sex (Childs 1999: 348.). Colonisation has, as mentioned above, been described as an example of the survival of the fittest, where…

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  • Gender Discrimination In Shashi Deshpande's Novels

    Studies that women are not paid equally to men. Several corporations have been the groups of women who claim they were discriminated against because of their gender. Man can be also discriminated against because of their gender. If a company decided to…

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  • The Mask You Live In Analysis

    the appearance of displaying strength. For example, the media tends to portray men as strong and silent. Men in films typically use violence to achieve their goals. The media teaches boys that this is the type of masculinity they must adhere to. Studies have found that violent video games do have an impact on boys and have shown to increase aggression in…

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  • Judith Lorber's The Social Construction Of Gender?

    Introduction “Blue is for boys and pink is for girls”— Prior, to the birth of a child is labelled a “boy” or “girl”, which will determine the child’s social role in society. But, in modern day parents are choosing to raise their child gender neutral. Hence, gender neutral is defined as, “Suitable for, applicable to, or common to both male and female genders.” Specifically, gender neutral parenting is, “when you raise your child without explicitly forcing preconceived gender norms onto them…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Misfits

    Rosemarie Garland-Thomson the author of “Misfits: A Feminist Materialist Disability Concept,” examines the concept ‘misfit’ through a feminist materialist perspective. She see’s it as something that emulates the shift from a more deviating analysis on disability, towards a material meaning using the relation between a body and its outer surroundings. The argument being made is that through observing lived experiences of disability located in a place and time, while simultaneously viewing…

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  • Judith Butler Undoing Gender

    For all that, feminist theorists are more interested in theorizing than in tensions evoked by the body. Gender is done or constructed by the person and others in his society. Contrary to this established idea, Judith Butler, in her book Undoing Gender, sees that gender can be done by resisting and escaping from the clutches of the social norm through which gender is recognized. She argues: “I may feel that without some recognizability I cannot live. But I may also feel that…

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  • Kathleen Ni Houlian Play Summary

    The Representation of Women in Katie Roche and Kathleen Ni Houlihan ‘There can be no free nation without free women’ (Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington) Discuss the representation of women in two plays on your course in relation to this statement. Women are represented in a poor manner in Katie Roche and Kathleen Ni Houlihan. Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington states, “There can be no free nation without free women”. (Kiberd) This statement is true and it also has a relation to the two Irish plays Katie Roche…

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  • Robert Frost's The Man Who Was Almost A Man

    hroughout the early 1900s, society was built upon stringent principles regarding the virility of men. Young men, in particular, would often feel compelled to practice specific behaviors to achieve a sense of pride and maturity. As a result, young men would frequently look up to their male predecessors in hopes of becoming a true man. Successful writers of the twentieth century, including Robert Frost and Richard Wright, utilized literary elements and ideologies, such as human behavior, to convey…

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  • Essay On Why Children Should Have Less Homework

    Children that go to school have to do homework but when is homework too much. Homework should be given in a little quantity because it can affect students in many ways that are not good for them. Homework can lead to many problems. These problems could be solved if teachers gave her student less homework. Some of these problems are stress related they stress student and they feel that they have to do the homework. They already have around eight hours of school that is enough for a student to…

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