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  • To A Wasp And The Writer Analysis

    Allison Krug Prof. Irving 1 May 2017 Figures of Speech in To a Wasp and The Writer Figures of speech are a commonly used type of literary device. They bring a story to life and give it that extra "spark" to enhance its meaning, opening new layers. Another use is to help the reader to better clarify the material and give emphasis on what they have read. The poems To a Wasp and The Writer, provide vivid and powerful examples of similes and metaphors, which literally “build” the poems. This…

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  • Hunting The Great Straag Analysis

    History is compilation of data and materials gathered throughout time and analyzed to form some consensus of what happened in the past. A common way people learn about history is through reading and memorizing textbooks and historical literature. This can be an effective way of understanding the past but it is important to not overlook other ways of understanding the past such as artwork. Although artwork may not always tell the person about specific knowledge, it may sometimes give more…

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  • Sex As A Political Condition Summary

    In her Texas Observer review of Sex as a Political Condition: A Border Novel by Carlos Nicolas Flores, Melynda Nuss writes on her opinion of the novel and, to some extent, its author. She begins by describing some of the “hokey, jokey” novel’s events and settings, depicting his oddball selection of dramatis personae as an ostentatious group of silly characters. Nuss writes, Flores “is clearly having fun” writing on endless tawdry details of breasts and consistent stereotypes, and she says, “His…

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  • The Great Gatsby Reflection

    “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past” (Fitzgerald 189). This well-known quote from arguably one of the most acclaimed novels of the 19th century sets up the theme of The Great Gatsby perfectly; as the story progresses, it is clear that the main character is destined to stand still in his past, all attempts at moving forward in vain. Jay Gatsby is the epitome of mystery: his past is murky even to himself, the vast amount of money he seems to have pulled…

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  • The Influence Of Myths In Literature

    Myths have provided an inspiration to writers, artists, and composers. They help you understand art and literature easily. They can inspire people to wonder and think on and make something out of it. They are stories that you can learn from the past that you could relate to and/or compare to with others. Myths have always been in our lives and they will always be in our lives forever. An inspiration to an artist can come from a story of the past that maybe me meaningful to them or give them an…

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  • Paul Griffin Burning Blue Analysis

    After reading a good book don't you always wish it didn't end? Or do you wish there was a sequel? It's not just enough to read a book, it has to be a good book in order to want more from that author. Authors use a few different techniques in order for the reader to better understand and enjoy their book. The book I read, Burning Blue by Paul Griffin took techniques such as literary elements, and made it his own. Griffin's writing style is like nothing I've seen before, it made the book…

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  • Fiction Is Fiction Worthwhile

    I believe that reading fiction is really worthwhile. Non-fiction teaches us about facts or things that have gone on in the past. Fiction tells us stories and uses entertaining plots. As little children thats were we develop our imagination and creativity skills. We need fiction to expand our minds beyond just history and the facts of life. Fiction stories show hidden messages about different morals and decisions that determine what kind of person you want to be. Childhood stories always involve…

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  • Language In Ashbery's Poems

    Ashbery implements allusion to refer to the random, ever-changing condition of the universe through carefully selected phrases and words, so that the audience can better understand the theme of the poem. Because the author refers to this complex subject in an oblique fashion, it is up to the readers to make their own connection to what exactly being mentioned, and to do so freely with their agency. At the end of line 22, the narrator says, “Something / Ought to be written about how this affects…

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  • Creation Myth And Literacy Narrative Analysis

    very obvious difference between these narratives is their different racial ethnicity. Although all three writers, Douglass, Rodriguez, and Graff shared similar struggles they did so in very different cultures. Fredrick Douglass tell his story as an African American slave and the obstacles he had to overcome as he learned to read and write. Douglass tell, “I have had her [His Mistress] rush at me with a face made up of fury, and snatched from me a newspaper…” (Douglass 1), here Douglass explains…

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  • Power Of One Reflection

    Riveting, inspiring and a truly remarkable plot; Bryce Courtenay’s novel, The Power of One, leaves readers on the edge of their seats as they stride through early 1900s South Africa in the eyes of young Peekay, where war and discrimination remain as alive as possible as our protagonist continues their journey of unique life experiences that shape him into who he becomes. After having read the novel, I can undoubtedly exclaim that this novel possesses a great amount of life lessons and themes…

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