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  • Alvin Ailey Analysis

    there, only certain people knows about it. He owns a American Dance Theater, located in New York City, New York, established in January 31, 1960. The revelations tell the history of African-Americans suffering before the civil war, the segregation that kill millions of African– Americans in United States of America. Alvin Ailey’s was an activist and choreographer, known for the modern dance and played a huge role on recognizing African – Americans in 20th century. The Revelations dance is a…

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  • Virtual Field Trip

    Freedom exhibition. The reason why, is because this is where the first roots of African-Americans were planted. This exhibition shows the story of slavery and freedom in the history of America. It begins in the 15th century, along Africa and Europe, coming all the way over to the United States. This exhibition ends with the civil war, and the reconstruction of a nation. I was very shocked to see in how much the African-American struggled, from their inception to the Caribbean/Americas, til even…

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  • Analysis Of Alright By Kendrick Lamar

    meaning to their music. Although this technique is not used in a lot of genres and appears mostly in hip-hop music, forms of music sampling have been around since the late 1900’s. Artists like Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar are known for sampling other artist’s music or speeches and incorporating them into their songs to enhance the message or theme that is trying to be presented. Kendrick Lamar uses a sample in his song “Alright” to help illuminate what life is like as an African American and…

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  • Racism In Popular Music

    has been an issue in American culture from the very beginning, as shown through history and the horrible issue of slavery. Racism also shows its presence in music as well. Before taking this class, I had never thought about the implications that race had in the musical world besides the obvious use of slang and references to race in various genres of today’s popular music. After taking this class, I learned that race has a considerable impact in how music sounds, what music is popular, and…

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  • Kendrick Lamar Rhetorical Analysis

    Music is the religion everyone follows and can listen to non-stop. Out of all genres, rap is the top genre in the twenty-first century. We all rap, dance and believe in the lyrics that is delivered to the audience. Kendrick Lamar became a well-known rapper, from the day he released his first album to the present day. The message Kendrick Lamar is speaking to all people is to call his music their home. In his teen days, he started his career with singing or nowadays “rapping,” and sold millions…

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  • Langston Hughes And Martin Luther King Essay

    specifically racial issues. African Americans living in America took this time of resurgence as a way to break through to society and share with the nation the power of black culture. People such as Langston Hughes, famous black author of the 20’s, became known during this time for his unique writing style and topics. Louis Armstrong also broke through as a popular artist at this time and changed the music industry with jazz. The revival time in America, for African Americans especially, later…

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  • How Did Pete Seeger Impact Society

    NY. Having been raised in a musical family, Seeger picked up a love for music throughout his childhood years. He later became one of the most well known American folk singers. Seeger spent the first years of his career collaborating with singer-songwriter, Woody Guthrie. Both artists, Seeger and Guthrie, shared similar point of views, in that they were both social activists. In 1948, Seeger continued his music with an American folk quartet called The Weavers. Not long after Pete Seeger had…

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  • Swing By Artie Shaw Analysis

    incorporating Spanish syncopations to “rhythmic blues”. He further notes that Negro bands coming from the New Orleans tradition marched to a quickstep similar to swing. A closer look at the rhythm reveals swing’s similarity to Spanish (Cuban) and West African…

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  • The New Negro Analysis

    public recognition. This period of African American was not only about blacks’ literary, but also because of its essential importance to twentieth-century musical, thought and culture. The “New Negro” corresponds with the Jazz Age, Roaring Twenties, Marcus Garvey’s migration movement for black’s unity and freedom. These factors impacted on African American’s community on collective levels as well as the America’s prosperous arts and cultural industries. African American’s creativity remains…

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  • Meaning Of Nigga

    Nigga is a colloquial term used in Black English Vernacular that began as an eye dialect form of the word nigger . Usage In practice, its use and meaning are heavily dependent on context. In addition to African Americans, other ethnic groups have adopted the term as part of their vernacular. There is conflicting popular opinion on whether there is any meaningful difference between nigga and nigger as a spoken term. Many people consider the terms to be equally pejorative, and the use of nigga…

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