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  • Case Study Of John Kenneth Galbraith's Freakonomics

    Freakonomics Why Do Drug Dealers Still Live With Their Moms? Alexis Campbell POLS 1 Summary John Kenneth Galbraith came up with the term “conventional wisdom” which means “the enemy of the truth.” Conventional wisdom is not always true but tends to be simple. An example of conventional wisdom is advertising. Listerine convinced people that bad breath was a disease and that the only way to cure themselves from this disease was to use listerine. Another way that…

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  • Costco Wholesale Corporation: Government Regulation Analysis

    of government regulations that are impacting the company’s business activities. As for a retail business, the recent increase of the regulation requires Costco Wholesale Corp. to follow them in order to avoid fines or restrictions. One of the recent laws, Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act signed in February 2016, puts a strict regulation on the import of goods in the U.S. that are produced with the help of the forced labor thus eliminating the hole in the old Tariff Act. Previously,…

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  • Summary Of Robert Heinlein's Starship Trooper

    “Something given has no value. When you vote, you are exercising political authority, you 're using force. And force my friends is violence. The supreme authority from which all other authorities are derived” –Jean Rasczak, Starship Trooper. According to Robert Heinlein, social responsibilities requires making individual sacrifices. He created a world where basic human rights comes with high price of willingness to sacrifice yourself. In Starship Trooper full citizen rights are given to those…

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  • Legalizing Marijuana Should Be Banned

    altering substance. Mood changes are often accompanied by altered perceptions of time. A person will think that hours have gone by, but in reality only minutes have passed. The thinking process usually becomes disrupted. For this reason forbidding this law would help keep our children safe and drug free for…

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  • Paradox Of Freedom

    Being tolerant to the society, it enables one to have peace of mind and being free from the issues surrounding the wrong doing. The issues of revenging are eliminated by tolerance whereby involved person do not engage with the law breaking activities. Freedom helps in understanding the right thing to undertake that shows relative equality to all members of society. On the other hand, it is possible to ensure some degrees of freedom being limited to control the society on some…

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  • Mills Theory Vs. Devlin's Theory Of Harm

    The theory that best articulates how harm should be applied to law can be viewed as either Mills theory of Harm or Devlin’s theory of Harm. Both theories are equally effective however; Mills theory is better suited towards law since it is directed towards privacy of the individuals. Mills theory unlike Devlin’s does not take into account morals and society mainly due to the fact that with these policies, individual’s privacy are being taken away. This argument can be established through four…

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  • Veronique Magnier's The Globalization Of Class Actions

    In “The Globalization of Class Actions,” Veronique Magnier discusses both the history of class action litigation in France and the development of corresponding legal procedures. Development has been slow and incremental in the eyes of Magnier. However, Magnier argues that France will ultimately have to adopt a class action process. Whether that will be implemented by France or the European Union, time will tell. Magnier begins the discussion with the history of class action legislation in France…

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  • The Right To Privacy Analysis

    There has been an increased interest and knowledge in relation to privacy rights and issues. The reason for this is that they are a fundamental right which ensures the personhood of individuals by allowing them to control who has access to personal information about them. Privacy issues are also of importance because it helps individuals avoid unwanted intrusions in their personal dealings. Consequently, for the reason that privacy is such a complex concept, there have been ongoing concerns and…

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  • The Importance Of Serving As A Jury

    and it is a thoughtful approach to include the group in regulating equity. There are circumstances in which the law is unjust, and it is the duty of a member of the jury to speak to the supposition of the general population. Serving as a Jury was a reasonable way for me to maintain an individual liberty and just to watch out for the government: making sure it doesn 't push unjust laws on fellow citizens. These reasons drove me to participate in the American University mock trial that was held at…

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  • The Struggle For Survival In Saroo Brierley's Lion

    To survive living on the streets of Calcutta, you need to be independent and capable. As well as having the ability to source basic needs and to be instinctive. This idea is explored in the non-fiction autobiography written by Saroo Brierley himself. ‘Lion’ is about a little Indian boy who gets lost on a train, that takes him on a dangerous journey to Calcutta. Saroo is determined, independent, capable and a quick thinker. Faced with many challenges in Calcutta at the age of 5, he struggles with…

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