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  • The Hypocrisy: The Destruction Of Black Life

    Just imagine that you had a school of all one colored skin and not being able to talk to anyone else besides the color of your skin. Imagine that you are on a bus and have to just sit in the back all the times. Black lives had so many problems with their lives, and having other people telling you what to do all the time. Imagine that if you did something wrong that you might be killed. That's how black lives had to live for most of their time alive. For many years black lives have be treated…

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  • Warner Brothers Research Paper

    The Brothers The brothers Warner had an interest in films since 1903. They were traveling exhibitors, moving throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania with their portable projector their sister Rose found in their attic. By 1907, the brothers had bought and were operating from a converted store in New Castle, Pennsylvania. They named it Cascade Theatre. Albert and Harry were selling tickets, Sam ran the hand-cranked projector, and Jack sang along to Rose’s piano playing during intermissions. Within that…

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  • Civil Disobedience In The Works Of Martin Luther King Jr.

    Beginning at the innocent years of childhood, when the world is seen as an imaginative wonderland, children are showered in lies. Fictional characters, such as Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy, are used by parental figures to reinforce naivety. Sure, little white lies like Santa Claus seem minute: however, the lying does not halt there. Many schools’ textbooks exploit students to the altered truth behind America’s patriotic past. Fabricated stories about the bombing of…

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  • Disneyland Argumentative Essay

    At a young age, I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings just the big entertainments like the castle, Mickey Mouse and his friends that are roaming around the theme park. Now, as we are older, we are more aware of the people surrounding us. The amusement park is packed with people in big groups which consists of tourists, people with year around passes, or kids in school field trips. These are the people that are constantly visiting Disneyland. There are multiple…

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  • Comparison Of Socrates And St. Thomas Aquinas Rule Of Law

    1. In 1954, Rosa Parks, a black woman, started the modern civil rights movement when she refused to obey the law that required her to give up her seat on a bus to a white man. Given what you know about Socrates and his arguments about the rule of law (in both the Crito and the Apology) and what you know St. Thomas Aquinas’ theory of law, compare and contrast how each would analyze whether what she did was just St. Thomas Aquinas believed that we should “do good and avoid evil.” I think…

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  • Jurassic Park And Strangers On A Train Analysis

    Creation to Death: A Path of Ethical Decisions The screenplays of Jurassic Park and Strangers on a Train tell the elaborate stories of an usual and abstract reality that many would consider normal. They have many aspects that connect them together, such as ethical and moral obligations, yet also make them diverse and independent of each other, such as their motives and timing behind certain events. Each screenplay is unique in that it is entirely created around an environment developed for…

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  • Personal Narrative: Do You Dare To Ride?

    or how many people have died on a malfunctioning rollercoaster. According to A Pelletier, "Approximately four deaths annually in the United States are associated with roller coaster." For my twentieth birthday, I decided to go to Lagoon Amusement Park with my boyfriend, my best friend, and my best friend's boyfriend. I was extremely excited as it was my first time to Lagoon and I have been wanting to go for years. We had been planning the trip for months now and it was only a few days away. As…

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  • Bridge War 1845

    The Bridge War of 1845 The first bridge the east side built spanned over into the west side of Chestnut Street; Kilbourntown would not take any part to help finance the construction of the bridge. The disgruntled east-siders felt that the best way to retaliate against Kilbourntown’s lack of funding was to produce the cheapest bridge possible. Yet, over the next few years, the bridge turned out to be exactly what they paid for. This led to a village meeting on May 7, 1845, where the two towns…

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  • Segregation: The American Dream

    a whole area dedicated to them is always an area of dismay. I can’t name one area that I have been to with the name of Martin Luther King that isn’t in an area that is predominately black or isn’t filled with poverty. Why can’t a school named Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King have a variety of students to show that different races can attend the same school? I believe a school named after an influential civil rights activist should honor or promote what they fought for, which is for students of…

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  • Informative Essay: Does God Really Exist?

    Does God really exist? Lee strobel interviewed Lee Wesley Richards, a philosopher and a Guillermo Gonzalez, a scientist in regards to how there is some evidence, from astronomy regarding God’s existence. The Principle of Mediocrity, which is the notion that our surrounding and our evolution are typical rather than exceptional, has been shown to be false through given examples drawn on from astronomy. Due to inequality, Dr. King, a leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement, and his…

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