Action potential

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  • Central Nervous System

    hillock and initial segment where action potentials begin (an area called the “trigger zone”). Sometimes axons have side branches called collaterals, which usually branch off at a 90 ° angle and allow a neuron to communicate with many cells at once. Each axon branch ends in a thin extension series called telodendria, which ends at the synaptic terminals.
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  • Sense Of Taste Research Paper

    The interactions with the taste receptor cells will produce an action potential that will induce an action potential in taste sensory neurons. A neuron has 3 main parts: the dendrite, the cell body, and the axon. Information will be able to move faster in bigger and myelinated axons. In sensory neurons, the action potential is trigger at the dendrite. Each neuron has a cell membrane that encloses each neuron. The cell membrane is semi-permeable…

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  • Electrical Impulses

    generating action potentials spontaneously and coordinating contractions during the cardiac cycle. All the cardiac muscle fibers in each region of the heart are electrically linked together. The intercalated disks are connections that electrically join the muscle fibers of the heart into a single unit that can conduct electrical impulses through the entire wall of the heart chamber without stopping. Four structures are embedded in the wall of the heart and responsible for generating the action…

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  • Adenosine Receptor Caffeine Analysis

    Analysis of Adenosine receptor blockage’s effects on the electrophysiology of HCTP/OR producing neurons of the Hypothalamus – receptor blockage mediated by Caffeine Introduction In this experiment, the quantification of firing rate changes on a specific neural sub-group will be analyzed via whole cell patch-clamping and the application of the common psychoactive drug-caffeine. The significance of quantifying the electrical signaling of the chosen neuron is to proportionally quantify the…

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  • Fish Homeostasis

    startled and move away performing a sequence of steps called an c-start used as an escape mechanism, the name was give due to their characteristic shape. The intricacies of the c-start are important to figure out why such an escape reflex comes to action; the escape reflex is studied on the Goldfish (carassius auratis) by Mirjany…

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  • The Cochanisms Of Neural Communication

    When investigating the mechanisms of neural communication and the impact various drugs can have on this its important to take into consideration what these actually mean and whereabouts in the body are the main components. The word neural communication consists of how neurons communicate with each other through their physiological process, and drugs consist of chemicals, substances or medicines that have a physiological and/or psychological effect on the brain and body. Within this essay I will…

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  • What Is The Difference Between Nature And Nurture Is More Important In Determining Behavior

    The difference between nature and nurture is that nature is the idea that behavior is effected by your chemical and gene make up while nurture is the idea that you are a blank slate and your behavior is distinguished by experiments. They both effect behavior is what was discovered. * Dualism is supported by cognitive psychologists such as George A. Miller and Sigmund Freud * Rene Descartes dealt with Monism vs. Dualism & Interactive Dualism * Monism is the belief that the mind…

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  • Myelin Case Study

    and speed up nerve impulses. (Tortora pg. 407) An axon that is surrounded by myelin sheath, whether in the central nervous system (CNS) or the peripheral nervous system (PNS), is said to be “myelinated”, while the bare axon is “unmyelinated”. Action potentials travel more rapidly and further in distance along a myelinated axon, this is because they travel by salutatory conduction. This is when the impulse at the first node generates currents that open gated channels…

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  • Multiple Sclerosis Case Study: The Spinal Nervous System

    through efferent fibers. A motor unit is a motor neuron and all the connecting muscle fibers. 3. Muscle contraction is involved when standing up. The gluteus maximus, hamstrings, and quadriceps muscle groups need to contract in order to perform this action. 4. The different levels of organization of…

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  • The Nervous System

    The human brain consists of about 100 billion nerve cells that receives and send messages to other cells through chemical and electrical means (Skaggs, 2013). The main job of the nervous system is to receive data through sense organs, translates messages, process and respond to both internal and external stimuli (Saladin, 2012 p440). Nervous system uses chemical and electrical signal to communicate from neurons to another at high speed. More than 100 billion neurons found in the brain. Basic…

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