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  • Achilles Change In The Iliad

    The quoted passage from Book Twenty-one of The Iliad is an excerpt of Achilles’ speech in rejection to Trojan prince Lykaon’s plea for life when he has finally resumed in the war. In this passage, Achilles contrasts the former and present way in which he treats the Trojans and states the reason of his change. By doing a close-reading of this passage, I hope to address the major shift in Achilles’ outlook on fate and death that is reflected in his change of attitude towards the Trojans.…

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  • Is Achilles Wrong In The Iliad

    In the Iliad, Achilles faces a moral dilemma when killing Hector. After fatally stabbing him, Achilles, along with his troops, mutilates the body, drags the corpse around on the back of his wagon, and leaves him to the dogs. Given that Hector had killed Achilles’ close friend, Patroclus, along with countless of his comrades, it may seem that Achilles was right to be angry. At the same time, Achilles’ blatant disrespect of Hector’s body and family, brings up the question of whether he was truly…

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  • Essay On Achilles In The Iliad

    The Iliad, Achilles is a great hero fighting in the ten-year long Trojan War. Octavius Caesar, of Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, is one of the three rulers of the Roman Republic and during the course of the play he enter into war against his fellow triumvirs. Unforeseeable circumstances can completely alter any pre-conceived plans formulated even by the most acclaimed men. The Greek hero, Achilles, was the son of a great military man, Peleus, and the sea-nymph, Thetis. Achilles was known as…

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  • The Rage Of Achilles Analysis

    Roughly three thousand years ago on the Eastern Aegean Coast a blind poet by the name of Homer created the Iliad. At its core is a lengthy account of the rage of Achilles that reflects Homer’s ancient audiences’ values. Troy is a modern day adaptation of Homer’s work written by David Benioff. Like the great entertainer before him, Benioff was faced with crafting a story to suit the qualities of his audience. To discuss the similarities and differences throughout the two works, one must consider…

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  • A Comparison Of Achilles And Beowulf

    Beowulf. Achilles and Beowulf were both mighty warriors but came from different backgrounds, which caused them to be different heroes and fighters. Beowulf became a glorified mighty epic hero by defeating monsters and protecting the geets. “Grendel saw that his strength was deserting him.” (Beowulf 333-334.) At this point in the battle Grendel realized he was going to finally be defeated. He also finds out that Beowulf is more mighty then he is and cant do anything about it. Achilles and…

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  • Achilles Shield Analysis

    In the time since its discovery, many artists have interpreted Homer’s story of Achilles’ shield. They have created and shared paintings and poems, each showing a slightly different version of the famous piece of metal. One artist who describes the shield of Achilles is the poet W. H. Auden. His rendition of the shield differs markedly from Homer’s original. Homer’s depiction of the ancient Greek world on the shield is a microcosm of humanity, displaying both peace and conflict enveloped by…

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  • Achilles As A Hero In Homer's Iliad

    narrative tells the story of a hero. At first glance it would appear that Achilles is the hero of the Iliad because the story follows a plot line that revolves around his actions. One might ask themselves; why then does the epic end with the funeral of Hector rather than either ending with Achilles aristeia and defeat of hector, or going further to tell us what end Achilles meets? That brings into question whether Achilles is really the hero of the story at all or if it is Hector or…

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  • Achilles And Dionysus Character Analysis

    Agamemnon felt his honor was at stake when he was announced responsible for the plague. However, Achilles felt his honor was at stake when Agamemnon demanded that he give up Briseis to Agamemnon. They are both prideful to the point they can not let anyone make them look bad, so they feel the need to have to defend themselves to ensure that they still look good to others. Achilles’ and Agamemnon’s pride makes them both act foolishly. Agamemnon acts foolishly by not returning Chryseis when…

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  • Achilles: The Hero In The Iliad By Homer

    bravery they bestow upon the community in which they live. In the Homeric community there is no better way for a hero to be honor then to die in battle, especially if the hero dies for his community or family. One of the greatest heroes of the time is Achilles, who was the son of Thetis, a sea goddess, and knight Peleus (Homer 160). With social and culture differences each hero is embodied a certain way. In The Iliad a hero is one of honor and commitment to family and community. A hero does not…

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  • An Analysis Of Achilles 'Hero Of The Iliad'

    explain why Achilles, hero of the Iliad, cannot fully live in Areté; clarify, specifically, how that manifests against Hector; describe how Priam help Achilles reach Areté and why was it so important to the ancient Greeks that Achilles learn this lesson. As a final point, examine my own greatest internal challenge that I must conquer to live with Areté in my life. According…

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