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  • Social Anxiety Disorder: A Development Case Study

    Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is one of the most common of the anxiety disorders. It is defined as “a marked and persistent fear of social or performance requirements that expose the individual to scrutiny and possible embarrassment. These Individuals go to great lengths to avoid these situations, or they may face the challenge with great effort, wearing a mask of fearlessness” (Mash, 2015).. Social anxiety has two main treatments: psychotherapy, medication, or a combination or both treatments.…

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  • Symptoms Of Mental Illness

    “A mental illness is a condition that impacts a person’s thinking, feeling, or mood…,” (“Mental Health Conditions”). Adults and children alike are susceptible to mental illness, yet it is an issue that many people subconsciously sweep under the rug. The stigma around mental illness, that it is an affliction for which one is to be shamed, is a strong one. Many people often do not know that, in all likelihood, they know at least one person who is mentally ill. As of 2014, one in twenty-five…

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  • How Does Depression Affect Teenagers

    A hushed topic, depression in teenagers has been detected for decades. Still, few people are aware of just how prevalent the disorder is and how it impacts our society today. Cases of teenage depression have increased in number over time, thus causing a trend (Bansal 1). In America today, high school students are five to eight times more likely to suffer from depressive symptoms than teenagers were fifty or sixty years ago (Hales 1). In the past, diagnosis was very rare - it was thought only to…

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  • Personal Reflective Essay: The Great Depression

    Depression is a serious thing that haunts almost everyone at least once in their life. More than three hundred million are affected every year. I am a victim to this statistic, and while I was suffering though my depression. People around me always told me that it will get better. But I wasn’t affected by their words, they seemed meaningless. As days went on, I felt worst and I wondered how things were suppose to get better. I was so far gone into the dark side of my thoughts, I was unsure of…

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  • Ecotherapy's Argumentative Essay

    Mental illness is becoming one of the biggest health issues in American society today. One in five people you encounter has some form of mental illness whether they like to admit it or not. A lot of people with mental illness don’t get the help they need because they’re embarrassed and feel shameful of their illness. I was one of those people for the longest time. I’ve dealt with both anxiety and depression at different times in my life. I’ve been to intense therapy and currently take Paxil for…

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  • Cause Of Depression In Action

    Depression in action/ and what Causes it Today there are many causes of depression, and researcher’s state there isn 't one cause to it. There also isn’t a reason to why the brain neurotransmitters are imbalanced during depression. However, it is very important for psychologist and researchers to understand the brain activity. Depression can come in either long term or short term. However, some common causes of depression today include PTSD, long term sickness, and stress. Researches…

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  • Antidepressants In The Philippines

    Since the creation of antidepressants in the 1950s, this pharmaceutical drug has been under intense scrutiny from both scientists and civilians. This is because there is a vast range of views revolving around the use of antidepressants since various studies have questioned the effectiveness of the drug and the criteria set up for prescribing it. However, antidepressants deserve that apprehension because it affects society by incapacitating its members through their harmful side effects including…

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  • Paxil, Glaxosmithkline: A Psychological Analysis

    Depression is a word that is usually associated with negative connotations but from the perspective of a marketing company, is it really a bad thing? For a group of people who are assigned to promote such an idea, they must find a way to manipulate the context of depression into something that is relatable to everyone. This is exactly what the producers of Paxil, GlaxoSmithKline, had done. It was their goal to set in motion a new understanding of sorrow and depression in Japan. Before in Japan,…

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  • Anxiety Disorders Case Study Sample

    N couples are included in this study. Our sample consists of both depressed and nondepressed patient participants, all of whom are diagnosed with anxiety disorders (other than specific phobia or public speaking phobia). N patients (%) are diagnosed with comorbid major depression. Of the N couples, there are N male patients (%) and N female patients (%). Participants were recruited from the general community and various local therapy centers in the area. They were screened for anxiety disorders…

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  • Post Traumatic Stress Response Essay

    The claimant was a 54 year old female. On 01/18/2015, her husband reported that the claimant had post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and shoulder and neck pain “to the point of exhaustion.” Therefore, her ability to process stress and daily issues was limited. She required help with all activities of daily living and with the house chores. She “toss, turn, moan with pain, yell when pain is to severe, awakes routinely, gets up, has nightmares, screams.” She was forgetful, had difficulty…

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