Abnormal psychology

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  • Understanding Abnormal Psychology: Understanding Andrea Yates And The Murder

    Understanding Andrea Yates and The Murder Abnormal psychology is defined as the branch of psychology that studies the unusual patterns of behavior, emotion, and thought, which may or may not led to a precipitated mental disorder. Andrea Yates is an excellent example of this definition because her abnormal behavior leads her to consciously drown all five of her children. When Yates was arrested, she was sentenced to life in prison, but later declared not guilty by reason of insanity. There are…

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  • Abnormal Psychology: Ivan Pavlov And John B. Watson

    All of the perspectives were very interesting but if I had to choose one it would be the behavioral perspective. I found Ivan Pavlov and John B. Watson’s studies extremely interesting. In Abnormal Psychology by Deborah C. Beidel, Cynthia M. Bulik, and Melinda A. Stanley, it talks about Ivan Pavlov’s study on how he noticed his dogs salivating every time he brought out food for them and he paired with a bell until when he only rang the bell the dogs will salivate because they believed food was…

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  • Psychodynamic Model Of Abnormal Psychology

    behave the way that they do. In the field of Psychology, the branch of Abnormal Psychology was created to better explain the unusual side of behavior. To better understand abnormal psychology, several models and approaches were created to get a better grasp on the concept of abnormal psychology. From focusing on the psychological makeup of a person to determining what environmental factors plays a role in behavior, these models tackle all sides of psychology. Out of all the various models of…

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  • Personal Experiences: A Case Study Of Abnormal Psychology

    After every parent-teacher conference, my parents would come home to tell me that I was a great student but I needed to stop talking so much. I have always had something to say to everything. My mind seemed to work faster than most and I was difficult to control or slow down. I struggled with remembering to do my homework or which chore I was supposed to do. I considered myself creative and passionate, but my teachers thought I was forgetful and full of excuses. My mind was like a room full of…

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  • Abnormal Psychology: The Art Of Persuation

    Persuation can be interpreted as using one's personal or positional resources to influence people's behaviors or attitudes. It is an art, that attemps to change a person's beliefs, intentions, motivations or behaviors by using written or spoken words to convey information or feelings, or reasoning or combination of both. Humans usually explain the other's actions through either dispositional (Internal) attribution or Situational (External) attribution. Fundamental errors in attribution occurs…

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  • Environmental Factors In Abnormal Psychology

    Throughout Abnormal Psychology, we have learned different aspects that play a role in mental abnormalities that lead one to become more symptomatic. One specific element that has been very prevailing throughout this course is environmental factors. Although, genetic factors are a major part, one 's environment also plays an almost equal effect too. When observing individuals who are susceptible to mental illnesses or even those who already portray/acquire these illnesses, one can witness that…

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  • Chapter Three Theories Of Abnormal Psychology

    of these theories explains psychological disorders in a different way. Although they all have different theories about why these disorders occur they are all interrelated. The cognitive behavioral approach is one of the many approaches to explain abnormal behavior. One of the treatments for this type of therapy is cognitive restructuring. The cognitive behavioral paradigm is a mixture of behavior therapy and cognitive science. Behaviorism says that a behavior is likely to be continued if it is…

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  • Schizophrenia Abnormal Psychology Paper

    Schizophrenia is an abnormal psychology that is defined in three ways as a deviation from statistical norm, social norm and cultural relativism. There are problems that define the abnormalities in terms of system that relies on subjective judgment of an individual’s behavior. The mental disorders are classified using The Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder DSM-V to aid in the psychotic diagnosis of the disorder. The term schizophrenia is used to describe the general class of disorders that are…

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  • Biological Model Of Abnormal Psychology Essay

    1. How has mental illness been defined in the past? Contrast these explanations for how abnormal behavior and thinking is defined today. (3 points) Mental illness has been defined in different ways in different times. Archeological finds from as far as back as 3000 B.C.E. have shown human skulls with holes in them, a process called trepanning. People that had shown abnormal behavior had holes cut in their skulls to let evil spirits. Hippocrates had believed that abnormality was due to an…

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  • Normal Vs. Normal Psychology

    In psychology, it is stated many times, throughout many publications, that it is difficult to define abnormality. In contrast, I also find it true that it is even more difficult to define normal. In class, we have discussed the ten criteria of abnormality. In my opinion, this stands as a way to define abnormality. However, if a person only meets half of the criteria, or even one of the criteria, are they considered normal or not? This is the conflict that I am going to discuss in the…

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