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  • Father Returning Home Poem

    to where the reader hopes his life will be better. The reader can sense the fathers excitement and urge to reach home as the word ‘hurries’ is repeated several times. The father is even mentioned carrying out dangerous actions such as crossing a railway line despite his old age to get home. No matter even if his shoes are sticky, he is still hurrying. This creates a sense of hope in the reader, that despite the fact the father is isolated from society because of his old age, he will be taken…

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  • Kendrick Lamar Poetic Devices

    Secondly, another poetic device that Kendrick Lamar uses in his song is irony. Irony is when an event occurs in which is unexpected in the sense that it is somehow in mocking opposition in what would be expected or appropriate. When Kendrick Lamar uses irony, it is in a very serious and thought provoking way. For example, in line 63 the speaker says, “Cause you tried to change your life and now you live in a wheelchair.” This line is ironic because it talks about how someone tried to change…

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  • Conger Lumber Company Case Study

    Lumber Co. Another sawmill operator in the region was the Mitchell Lumber Co. set up by Thomas Mitchell in 1898 (later this would become in the 1920s the Mitchell-McDonald Lumber Co.). The mill was located west of the CPR railway, on the now Blackstone-Crane Road, producing railway ties and shims from wood obtained south of their mill, from Second and Third Lakes all the way down to Blackstone and…

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  • Analysis Of Canadian Please By Andrew Gunadie

    Final Exam: Examining the video’s by Andrew Gunadie Canada is a great country with an unimaginable number of qualities. However, many outsiders have a different perception of what it truly means to be Canadian. They connect Canada with things like “snow”, “Beavers” and the constant use of “eh”. Yet Canada is much more than what meets the eye, there are many values to being Canadian that other countries may not provided for their citizens. In the video “Canadian, Please” and “He’ll never be a…

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  • Essay On Transcontinental Railroad

    around 1830 when the earliest thoughts of a transcontinental railroad surfaced. This was around the time that the first American steam locomotive, the Tom Thumb, was designed and built. William C. Redfield published a pamphlet that pushed for a “Great Railway” to be constructed to connect the Atlantic States with the valley of the Mississippi.…

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  • Canadian Pacific Railway Case Study

    governments. In addition, the public interests could be protected since the consistent perfecting railways system and facilities due to enough finance support. The Canadian officials play an essential role in protecting the national fundamental interests as well as adjusting different parties’ interests. With the mature of the Canadian railway system, the officials began to loosen the control to the railway companies and reduced the policies intervention to some extent. The loosen control of…

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  • Boer War In Canada

    Historically, the concept of war was viewed as a conflict between nations or political parties fighting against each other to gain what they believe are rightfully theirs. There are many ideologies and different perspectives an individual has towards the concept of warfare. For example, war can emotionally scar soldiers for life by making them incapable to perform daily activities alone and thus, they need social support to help them lead a normal life. In addition to this, an individual can…

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  • The Japanese Railway Investigation Industry

    As a body which was set to oversee development of the railway system, the Railway Investigation Office had the main function of carrying out studies, applying the results gotten from the studies and testing out the materials. In 1913, it became known as the Research Institute before it was restructured in 1942 as the Railway Technical Research Institute. The standards of the railway in Japan had fallen behind those of other railways around the world by 1945 (Seojima 5). This realization prompted…

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  • Canadian Immigration Policy

    An integral question throughout Canada’s history has been who is and who is not permitted to come into the country. In The Making of the Mosaic, authors Ninette Kelley, a legal and policy analyst for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and Michael Trebilcock, a university law professor, effectively compile legal and political answers in the pursuit of resolving this challenging question. Divided chronologically into eleven sections spanning the beginnings of the French Colony in…

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  • Active Reading Skills

    when you first arrive at university, transitioning over to their type of learning changes the way that most first year students must structure themselves and their time many realize that the work load has increased and that they must take on the responsibility for scheduling study and leisure times effectively the transition to lecture halls and lectures that involve a high level of note taking may be new to many first years, this is usually due to the pace at which lectures are presented and…

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