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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Life Of A Mobile Phone

    Everyone has their own phone or to be exact, their mobile phone. Who does not know mobile phone? It is a device that can make and receive calls over a radio link while moving a wide geographic area. Why do you think I should write about a mobile phone in this entry? Because for me, a mobile phone is something that I would be willing to fight or even die for although it is somehow does not make to everyone’s sense. However every one of us has its own choice. For instance, a friend of mine wrote…

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  • Comparison Of Two Radio Concerts

    While the two radio stations have different genres and target audiences, there are similarities between them. For the hour of audio analysed from each radio station, the same time, midday to 1pm was sampled. Format wise both stations were similar, starting the hour off with a song, contrary to the norm, which is newsbreaks and/or weather report. The similarities in the formats continue, as after the song at the beginning hour, there is a voice breaks from the announcer, followed by a block of…

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  • Week Nine Reflection Report

    nine, much of the focus was teaching students how to be problem solvers in preparation of beginning guided math stations and adjusting the procedures and the current methods used for our reading stations. In hopes of making this an exciting responsibility that students eagerly wanted to participate in, I created “Problem Solver” badges for one person in each group to wear during stations. On Monday, students were introduced to the “Problem Solver” badge and one person was chosen to be the…

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  • Migrant Media Analysis

    another perspective. Striving to observe the differences between different Berlin-broadcasted radio stations, Kosnick began working as a journalist for one of them in the early 90s; the name of this station was Radio Multikulti. Her work experience here instantly brings value and layering to her writing, as she is able to see migrant media from an insider’s perspective. In contrast to other stations in Berlin, it is Radio Multikulti’s mission to air voices with accents, so Kosnick closely…

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  • Practicum Experience In The Classroom

    Learning stations, worksheets, graphic organizers and interactive activities just to name a few. Learning stations is the one I witnessed the most and learned the most about. I learned that not all learning stations are beneficial and that as teachers we need to constantly reevaluate the stations we are employing in our classroom. A learning station that was once effective may no longer be effective later in the year. I have also learned Learning stations work best when the students…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Drive To Long Road

    few plans were made, but one particular plan had me excited enough to follow through. My friend, Olivia had introduced the idea of her visiting me. She planned on taking a train to Long Beach, and from there I’d be able to pick her up at the train station. After the plans were made I went to clarify it with my mother. My mother was extremely wary about the idea. The anticipation of a drivers license turns into a terrible trip for a friend. The significance of the trip was a well taught lesson…

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  • Humorous Wedding Speech: Why You Are Here

    First off let me say I’m so happy to have you guys here with me today. You might be wondering why you are here. Why would people like you, who are important people like you come here from a no body like me. Well the awnser is simple. You are here because you want to make money. You are here because you want on the ground floor of the next hooters, applebees, chillis, Red Robin, and my favorite buffalo wild wings. You are here because you want to change the way this country eats and things about…

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  • The Venus Project Analysis

    think you would steel? No, think of how many lives can be saved and stores in good shape. For example, studies have shown that most gas station robberies happen, as a result of people having no money to obtain things like cigars. As we know, the drugs in cigars are addicting which causes people to need cigars really, but with no money they rob the gas stations. In brief, if there would be no money this would eliminate robbery. People could get what everything they need. To begin, getting…

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  • The Man From Skibbereen Character Analysis

    When he gets off at a station to stretch his legs he accidentally gets left behind. He finds…

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  • Santiago As A Christ Figure Essay

    Man and the Sea resembles Christ's journey to Calvary through the actions of Santiago, the protagonist. To begin with, Santiago's resistance to defeat symbolizes the first Station of the Cross. The first station is the declaration of Jesus's execution. In accordance with Scripture,…

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