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  • Six Million Dollars To Send Six People To Mars

    It takes six billion dollars to to send six people to Mars. There is not a reason to risk people's lives, when these people might not realize that they can never go back. Colonizing Mars is a terrible idea, since people are risking their lives, there is never a natural source of water, and it costs a tremendously outrageous price. Humans are risking their lives for an expedition that could distinctly, evidently fail. Certain people volus Celsius (minus sixty-seven degrees Fahrenheit).…

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  • Muscle Loss Research

    Instead, the issue might lie with the vigorousness of the exercise. In 1990, a head down bed rest was conducted that examined the bone loss of its participants compared to the measured loss of those aboard the space station MIR. It was found that the bed-ridden participants experienced a bone loss similar to those astronauts aboard MIR. Furthermore, the astronauts were a part of a moderate exercise routine, where the bed members were not (LeBlanc, et al., 2000). These…

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  • Hidden Figures Gerri Miller

    1. The title of the article I read is “Meet the people behind the film Hidden Figures”. The author is Gerri Miller, and it was published on August 24, 2017. 2. The article “Meet the people behind the file Hidden Figures” by Gerri Miller is about the people who helped the set up the mathematical side of the movie Hidden Figures – a movie about three African-American women who were behind the calculations that launched John Glenn into orbit around the Earth. The article talks about how all the…

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  • Spirit Rover On Mars

    By the name, you could probably already tell that we are talking about a robot in space. This is no ordinary robot. It is a special robot that can withstand heat that no human can, and can take a video for all humans to see, but that isn’t why he is so special. This robot has been to the Moon, and more importantly, Mars.The opportunity rover has been on the surface of Mars for more than eight years, but sadly the spirit rover only made it to six years. Opportunity and the Spirit rover are…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Robotic Missions

    When it comes to whether we should be focusing on sending humans on future missions, with the support of robotic missions or sending exclusively robotic missions there’s a lot of different we must consider. How much will the mission cost? How much time will be put into this? What are the risks? What are the advantages? Neil Degrasse Tyson states in the video that for every human you put in space, you can put hundreds even to thousands of unmanned probes and it would be less expensive. If that’s…

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  • Clarke Griffin: A Great Leader

    in the show The 100 displays the characteristics of what makes a great leader. The television series takes place a century in the future, years after planet Earth is destroyed and the remaining survivors residing in an international space station. The space station known as The Ark discovered that their resources are running out. In order to insure their future is still in sight, the leaders of The Ark sends 100 juvenile prisoners back to planet Earth to determine its habitability. The prisoners…

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  • Mars Pathfinder

    rover (JPL, 2001). The mission was planned to last for only 7 days but the rover stayed on Mars, collecting data, from its landing on July 4, 1997 to September 27, 1997 which ended up being a total of 83 days. The lander itself (Carl Sagan Memorial Station) collected data via the Imager for Mars Pathfinder (IMP) and Atmospheric Structure Instrument/Meteorology Package (ASI/MET) (Nelson). The Sojourner rover was equipped with an Alpha/Proton/X-ray Spectrometer (APXS) and rover imaging cameras…

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  • Why We Should Colonize Mars

    We should colonize mars for the safety for the human race and so we can fix earth.Most people think that we should colonize mars for the safety of the human race One reason we should colonize mars is because we need to make sure that are species the human race lives for as long as possible for all we know mars could be are last chance of survival if earth gets destroyed by lest say all the volcanos erupted and it destroy earth we would have to leave and go some where else but we wouldn't be…

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  • African American Inventor

    6 African-Americans that Revolutionized the Tech Industry Not many are aware that some of the world’s greatest inventions actually came from black inventors. Here’s a list of some of the notable black inventors that have made an impact in the world through technology. 1. Mark Dean – Dean is a Tennessee engineer who designed the ISA or Industry Standard Architecture system bus that allows specific machines to link with a computer such as modems and printers. He also created a team to build the…

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  • Astronomy Research Paper

    working on new and improved things. Right now NASA is planning a one way ticket to mars. NASA is building a ship powerful enough to take people to Mars, it will have enough supplies for 1,100 days in space. They are sending down overs to build the station and bring supplies. They will not come back on this mission but hopefully next time they will. Scientific discoveries have influenced society by even some of the earliest times. For example, did you know the Mayan calendar was one of the first…

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