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  • What Is The Purpose Of Aaron Sorkin Commencement Speech

    Aaron Sorkin's Commencement speech Aaron Sorkin a Syracuse graduate, gave a very inspiring commencement speech for the graduates and the families of the graduates at Syracuse University on May 13th 2012. In the speech, the main topic was overcoming failures everywhere in life. He talks about his struggles when he was a student at Syracuse and all the battles he fought then. Earlier in his life he battled a drug addiction with cocaine: Sorkin said in his speech he didn't think he could write without cocaine but he continued to battle his addiction which he eventually overcame, and as sorkin himself stated, he wrote multiple tv series movies and plays. Sorkin’s speech was effective because his goal of the speech was reached with his speech by he way he talked about pathos ethos and logos. Sorkin's speech he used pathos by talking about his struggles in life that brought him to be where he is today. He tells a story from when he was back in college in his first drama class, how he failed it his first time. But when it came around to his second year of taking the same class he tried harder and focused. As stated by…

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  • The Farnsworth Invention

    examples of a well written play is “The Farnsworth Invention” by Aaron Sorkin. This play is a fiction interpretation of the battle of inventing television. You have boy genius Philo Farnsworth competing against business mogul David Sarnoff. The story is a race to determine who really invented television. By straying away from historical accuracy, and by utilizing the story telling methods of a play, Sorkin tells a story with two extreme sides…

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  • Ethical Dilemmas In A Few Good Men By Aaron Sorkin

    In life, we encounter many dilemmas and often have to determine what is right and wrong for the moral good of ourselves. One person’s morals may completely differ from another 's and this book displays it vividly. Men that dedicate their lives to serving their country sometimes find themselves in difficult debates quite like these. In the book, A Few Good Men, by Aaron Sorkin, Colonel Jessep was faced with the decision to either defend his nation or to let two of his own men take the fall for…

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  • The Perils Of Obedience In A Few Good Men By Aaron Sorkin

    A Few Good Men was written by Aaron Sorkin and it is about a lawyer trying to defend two marines accused of murder. The two marines claimed to have received an order to discipline another marine and killed him in the process. The lawyer, Lt. Daniel Kaffee, then has to gather evidence for this claim and eventually get Colonel Jessep to state he gave the marines the order. The story encompasses many factors of obedience to authority and peer pressure and shows what can happen when orders are…

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  • Analytical Essay: Aaron The Mountain Of Strength

    Aaron the Mountain of Strength He was the son of Amram & Jochebed, but he was most known for being the eldest brother of the Egyptian prince, Moses. Aaron was a powerful speaker; his name rightly fit him as a mountain of strength, or teacher in some interpretations; Aaron was both. Even though Moses got the credit for freeing the Hebrews from bondage, Aaron was actually the spokesman during the rescue of God’s chosen people. Aaron was a godly man who became a high priest but like all, faltered…

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  • Aaron Burr's Character In Aaron Hamilton: An American Musical

    Aaron Burr is the narrator of the play, singing directly to the audience at times. His character is openly introduced in the first song of the show when he says “And me? I’m the damn fool that shot him” (Miranda, Hamilton: An American Musical). Burr’s character is charged with making the transitions and providing context for the audience. He sets up the scenes and informs the audience where we are in history, which is essential because the play spans a rather long period of time. The production…

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  • How Did Thomas Jefferson Influence The Louisiana Purchase

    Thomas Jefferson who lived from the year 1743 to 1826, was the author of the declaration of independence, the third president of the United States of America and a leading figure in America 's development. He was once the governor of Virginia and later he served as The United States secretary of state, then he became the vice president under John Adams. He moved to become a president for two terms, from 1801 to 1809. During his terms as president, America became a striving nation of small…

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  • Satirical Cartoons: The Boondocks And Black Dynamite

    forehead, but we cannot let that be a crutch. Especially when there are so many fine substitutes: spade, porch monkey, jiggaboo. I say the next time you gonna call a darkie a nigga, you call that coon a jungle bunny instead" (yyomommacallinme, 2008). This scene was aired on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim broadcasting station without any censorship of the discriminating words towards African American people. Many people claim that these events that are shown in cartoons are not real, which makes it…

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  • Aaron Burr's Career Path

    Aaron Burr is a major figure in American history, known for his politics, and his duel with Alexander Hamilton. He was born into a family with a history of activity in politics. Not so surprisingly, that is the career path that he followed. His original career was being a lawyer in NY. Eventually he got his first major job in politics, which was being a Senator, a position he was elected to in 1791. He increased his importance when he became the Vice President of Thomas Jefferson in 1800.…

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  • Alexander Hamilton: One Of The Founding Fathers

    New York, we went to Philadelphia to meet with other delegates to write the Constitution. He really did not have much part in writing the Constitution, but he gave the delegates important ideas on how to improve it. He also had much part in the approval of it. In 1709, Washington had elected him to be the first Secretary of the Treasury. He had disagreed with cabinet members. He thought that the Constitution had given him rights to create economic laws to strengthen the central government.…

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