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  • How Did Jefferson And Hamilton Influence Political Parties

    In devising the Constitution for the new government, the founders were too confident that the political parties would play no formal role in the government. Thus, they wrote no word in the Constitution regarding the political parties. For the initial eight years of the America’s presence, George Washington, the first America’s President, had brought a unifying and harmony vicinity in the country. In a few years after 1789, still, he was able to practice the unbiased leadership on the new…

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  • Joseph J. Ellis Founding Brothers

    The Duel, the first chapter of the book, was significant to the book but not in American history. The Duel between Burr and Hamilton served as a good way to seize the reader’s attention but otherwise it was of little significance. Ellis believed if the dual had not happened, it would have turned into a war due to the Founding Brothers fear of the federal government…

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  • Differences Between Lewis And Clark

    Meriwether Lewis’s Death When a person hears the names, “Lewis and Clark,” the majority of people think of the two brave explorers leading The Corps of Discovery. Starting in 1803 and ending in 1806, Lewis and Clark lead the Corps on a journey through the Louisiana territory. The purpose of this expedition was to observe the newly acquired land, interact (positively) with the natives, but most importantly to find a clear water route that would be used for trade. Even though a clear, navigable…

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  • Summary: An Analysis Of Thomas Jefferson's Dilemmas

    Jefferson’s Dilemma The United States history thus so far, is full of many bargains but one of the most controversial and beneficial bargains is the Louisiana Purchase. This bargain occurred back in the 1800s of which the President Thomas Jefferson was able to undertake the deal of the century. This bargain initiated when Jefferson wanted to purchase New Orleans because France was enforcing stricter regulations therefore, making it difficult for American settlers to trade in that particular…

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  • The Major Revolution Of The Presidential Election Of 1800

    The presidential election of 1800 was debated between a Federalist, named John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, a Democratic-Republican. The election was a heartbreaking and hard-fought campaign, where both sides believed that either candidate can severely damage the newly formed nation. The election defined a severe revolution because the republic party’s future was put at risk. Thomas Jefferson based his political campaign and ideas on the republican revolution. He discussed problems and solutions…

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  • Chapter Notes: The Paradox Of The Founding Of America

    Preface: The Generation 1. According to Ellis’ preface, what is so phenomenal about the founding of the United States? - The founding of the United States is very phenomenal because it won against the strongest army and navy of Great Britain because Britain didn’t fight to its full potential. If Britain had fought to its full potential then, the history would have taken a very different turn. Founding of United States is also very remarkable because its republic survived even though some of…

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  • The Supreme Court Case Of Marbury V. Madison

    Marbury v. Madison In November 1800 John Adams, President of the United States lost the election to Thomas Jefferson (65 to 39) . He also lost the control of Congress. Adams was a Federalist and Jefferson was Republican. They both believed that victory by the other person will be a disaster for the nation. As one of his last acts, Adams convinced the Congress to pass a new law which will grant him the power to appoint new judges. Three of the new justices of peace could not been appointed…

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  • Chase Case Study

    The company I have selected to evaluate for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is Chase. This powerful banking organization has been a cornerstone in the banking world for years and given the already tepid public opinion towards wealthy institutions it is no wonder that Chase has been listed on American 's list of the most despised companies. Recent developments have not aided their case. In the ensuing essay, I will evaluate various aspects of the business as well as explain where this…

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  • Thomas Jefferson: A Political Compromiser?

    The election of 1800 was a bitter one: there was constant slandering from both the federalist and the democratic-republican sides, but ultimately Jefferson won. In Thomas Jefferson: Political Compromiser, Morton Borden analyzes Jefferson’s presidency and ideals to question how he achieved so much success: did Jefferson simply adapt to gain support? During his presidency, Jefferson often stuck to his party roots. However, Jefferson also enacted very impartial, federalist policies that underscored…

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  • Summary Of The Duel (The Parallel Lives Of Alexander Hamilton And Aaron Burr

    The Duel (The Parallel lives of Alexander Hamilton & Aaron Burr) MaKayley Smallwood. Publisher: Judith St. George. # of pages: 86 (not including the Epilogue) Early on the morning of July 11,1804, two men met on the dueling grounds of Weehawken ,New Jersey. When the duel was over, one man was dead, the other a fugitive. This book is about the lives of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Both men were prominent figures in the life of the new nation. Alexander Hamilton had been the first…

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