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  • Gender Roles In Biddulph's 'Raising Boys'

    part. Nonetheless, he doesn't discard his mother. Finally, by the time a boy is 14, the hormones have arrived, and there has been a staggering 800 per cent increase in testosterone levels and they will be facing the challenge of becoming a man. Becoming a man is the dream of little boys as they grow. They learn all the manly mannerisms from their father figure growing up, and are anxious to grow up and make their father overjoyed with the way they have grown and matured over the…

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  • Old Spice Advertisement: A Mans Body Wash

    A Mans Body Wash It is not unlikely that many of us have seen the Old Spice commercials starring the confident and fast-talking Isaiah Mustafa, also known as “The Old Spice Man”. These ads have become an entire series of some of the most popular commercials on television and the Internet. The first Old Spice ad I saw illustrates Isaiah Mustafa riding a white horse on a sandy beach holding a bottle of Old Spice body wash. For some reason or another I found this to be very interesting and funny,…

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  • Manliness Theme In Macbeth

    news of the deaths of his wife, son, and household, Malcom is quick to tell MacDuff to “dispute it like a man”(IV.iii.219). Similar to the current phrase of “act like a man”, Malcom seeks to stifle this apparent “feminine” emotion of sadness and grief. Finally adding depth to a reply and in turn, the works treatment of manhood, MacDuff cries out “I shall do so. / But I must also feel it as a man”(IV.iii.221,222). Instead of the mere reactions of opposition, which only solidified action for other…

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  • Definition Essay: The Sport Of American Football

    everything that ties into it. People literally have to have a couple of screws loose in order to be successful at it. Even if there are a couple of screws loose, that won’t carry the individual too far. Besides the insanity, passion is the main necessity. The game destroys people who can’t gain love and appreciation of it. Only a few men can play it, and an even smaller portion can truly be successful at it.The sport in question is the game of American football. A large majority of…

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  • Similarities Between Old Spice And Axe

    commercial push for the continued growth of their son, however the mothers want their “little boy” back. I feel that they purposefully did this in attempts to get the fathers to believe that Old Spice can be the push that their sons need to become a man and grow up. There was a scene in which the father was destroying his son’s former toys, while the mother did everything to save them. In another scene which showed the son on a date, the mother was in the fish tank holding tightly to a toy that…

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  • Power Abused In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

    being abused is prevalent in the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Steinbeck illustrates that those who have power abuse it exceedingly, as shown by Curley attacking countless others larger than himself, including Lennie, a mentally disabled man, Curley’s wife mistreating the men of the…

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  • Why Is Masculinity Bad

    Be a Man: The Corruption Associated Battle, power, beat and ultimate: these are just a few words used to describe boys’ toys. Love, magic, friendship, and fun are used more commonly for girl toys (Smith). Contradicting each other greatly in their sense of meaning. From a young age boys are taught to be “manly”, and these words justify this. Learning young to just “buck up” or “don’t cry” can greatly affect a young boys childhood and even affect how he acts once he reaches manhood. Questioning…

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  • Separation In Into The Wild, By Jon Krakauer

    Man has never been a lone wolf, but a nomad, always traveling in packs because without others Man cannot survive. Without cooperation, Man cannot live because life is not self-sustainable. For those who attempt to live on their own, they realize the hardships of being lonesome the hard way. A man who believes that one can be self-sufficient is a man with a distorted vision of reality. Therefore, McCandless’ distorted vision of reality forces him to abandon civilization and seek self-fulfillment…

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  • Excuse Me While I Explode ! My Mother, Myself, My Anger Analysis

    Understanding of a word “feminist” has changed from its original definition. Many people understand feminist as man-haters. The word became a gender divider. For many years women struggle to be equal to men. However, while many fronts are overcome women are not equal to men. Women became octopuses or superwomen; they run household like their mothers and have successful careers like their fathers. Men in this struggle are left aside, or they became an audience for women success. Feminism…

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  • Theme Of Pride In Things Fall Apart

    protagonist, Okonkwo is a man that is loaded with pride. He is centrally regarded as a masculine, strict, and violent man. This allowed Achebe to exhibit Okonkwo’s determination and behavior throughout the novel. The reason for being is because having an exaggerated amount of self-esteem usually lead to insignificant decisions by selfish individuals that cause them to lose consciousness of the consequences their Chi (Gods) bring. Therefore, the action of effortful allows a man to be full of…

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