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  • Mrs. Jones In Thank You M Am, By Langston Hughes

    In, “Thank You M’am,” by Langston Hughes, Mrs. Jones manifests contradictory traits, however, she has shown herself to be much more than a mediocre woman throughout the story as she encounters a young man, Roger. In the beginning of the short story, Mrs. Jones comes in contact with a young man named Roger who attempts to steal her purse. She then shows that she is not going to take any mess from a kid by beating him. “The large woman simply turned around and kicked him right square in his…

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  • Analysis Of Wears Jumpsuit: Husbands Last Name

    Throughout childhood one may encounter society’s invisible hand pushing one’s characteristics into certain gender blueprints as well as how one should act according to their respected sex. John Steinbeck once wrote, “Names are a great mystery. I've never known whether the name is molded by the child or the child changed to fit the name. But you can be sure of this- whenever a human has a nickname it is a proof that the name given him was wrong.” The name one is given can be compared to ones…

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  • Short Story: Spike Island

    As the footsteps got closer and closer William Quirke scanned the room. He took in the scared faces and tense bodies as he tried to think of something to say, something to say that would not only convert the men standing before him but give them hope. Give them hope that one day Ireland would be free and the people of this great country would remember their names for centuries. Finally, William took a deep breath and cleared his voice. One last time he looks at the scared faces surrounding him.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Heroic Journey

    June 16, 2014 Thunk, thunk, thunk, the greenish-blueish water slammed against are boat as a storm rolled in. Me and my best friend Will were about to go scuba diving. The engine's roar died and me and Will got perched on the side of the boat "you ready Seth?" Will questioned "As ready as i'll ever be" I explained "3,2,1, go!" the driver announced me and Will back falled off the water was murky and cold, I almost laughed at how I sounded like darth vader whenever I…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Gender Analysis

    Society develops its own cultural norms and standards placed on gender. Gender roles impact our everyday lives and are reflected in works of art and literature around us. A great example is Julius Lester’s article, Men: Being a Boy. Lester illustrates his childhood struggles of being a boy who did not fit the expectations society places on males. A more popular text that also applies gender stereotypes is Lord of the Flies by William Golding. The story follows a group of young boys who survived…

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  • The Guy Code: Bros Before Hos By Michael Kimmel And Girl

    Margaret Mead, a leading anthropologist in the 60’s and 70’s emphasizes: “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”. Both boys and girls are taught what is normal and what is not from a young age by their parents. Children reared with these thoughts, hold this bias into their adulthood which is seen through the characterizations of these stands from the two passages, The Guy Code: Bros Before Hos by Michael Kimmel and Girl by Jamaica Kincaid. These predispositions to what to…

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  • Gender Themes In Disney Movies

    “Someday my prince will come” (Caselotti 0:01). Snow White, one of Disney’s original princesses, truly demonstrates Disney’s theme that “Prince Charming” will come and sweep the princess off of her feet, and they will live happily ever after. However, Disney had been criticized over the years for having this same plot in all of their movies. As a result, Disney movies have evolved from the typical Disney Princess being swept off her feet by her “Prince Charming,” to more modern themes. In the…

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  • Gender Roles In E. L. James 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

    Our world is plagued. Plagued with insecurities, ridiculous expectations, and gender roles. These things are reinforced time and time again by different and all forms of media. It has only grown worse in the 21st century with a new myriad of types of media being created and taking control of the minds in our society. Most people attack the visual media that portrays women and men of unattainable physical appearances, but it is not just physical insecurities that society places on people. It is…

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  • Gender Inequality: Journal Analysis

    my experiences, a woman can complete tasks just as well as a man, if not better at times. Everybody has a certain set of skill that they are best at. So why prevent someone for recognizing their true potential just because they are a woman? That question just made my head spin. If a woman is more qualified than a man for a job then the woman should get the job, and vice versa, if a man is more qualified for a job then a woman then the man should get the job. The thought that a woman would not…

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  • Personal Narrative: Overbrook Asylum

    It was a gray day. The sun did not shine; it could not sever the layers of powdery black skies and the fog. The thick mist that was not really rain and not really fog covered the southeastern corner of New Jersey. It was depressing, just like most days in the area surrounding the Overbrook Asylum. On the outside, Overbrook was a welcoming place where patients were treated with care and respect; the inside was very different. I entered the asylum as a nurse in May of 1910 and was excited to be…

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