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  • Composing Music In Video Games

    Being in a band has let me see some great compositions by Tyler Grant, and Robert Smith. The amount of joy I, and my friends have gotten from playing this music has inspired me to want to compose music. This experience highlights that composing music brings many people joy, helps, and inspires them. As a music composer, one could compose for animation, video games, or movies, to have fun composing while affecting humanity. One profession that involves composing music is an animation score…

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  • Theme Of Minor Characters In Macbeth

    In Macbeth, Shakespeare uses his minor characters as tools to further develop the plot and conflict of the play. The word “minor” should not in any way determine the importance of any character. It is best to look at how that character motivates or interacts with the major characters; be it in a positive or negative way. Though the three murderers, Hecate, and Ross appear for a brief moment, change the course of the story, and then disappear from our sight and minds, they need the recognition…

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  • Heptatonic Scales

    sought to expand the number of available synthetic scales for composition. In 1907 the Italian composer Ferruccio Busoni (1866–1924) as part of an examination of the tonal system based on what he called “the two Series of Seven,” meaning the major and minor keys in relation to the chromatic scale, attempted to write all the possible heptatonic (seven-tone) scales in his book Sketch of a New Esthetic of Music. Busoni states: That some few have already felt how the interval of the Series of Seven…

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  • Minor Signs Of Islam Essay

    Similar to the prophetic signs ascribed to Judaism, Islamic end time prophecy includes minor and major signs. Neither the minor nor the major signs are to prelude one another, but shall occur simultaneously. Therefore, the minor signs are not thought to take place before the major ones, but are considered of less importance than the major signs. Many of the minor signs of the Islamic end times parallel to that of Judaism’s beliefs. Muhammad prophesied that in the last age people would follow a…

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  • Syncopation In Reggae Music

    Appraisal My link to the strand is Syncopation and my composition is written in a reggae style. I like the offbeat feel of this style of music and syncopation was something I wanted to explore within it. A well-known Caribbean musician is Bob Marley and I know that he uses a lot of syncopation in one of his best songs “three little birds”. In this song you can hear the syncopation in the hi-hat, cymbals, organ and guitar; playing the chords. In this way, he plays with our expectations of where…

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  • Macbeth Minor Character Analysis

    Minor Characters as Major Roles If there are no small roles in theatre, does that mean that there are no minor charcters in literature? William Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, includes many minor characters, such as the porter, the Old Man, and the captain of Duncan’s army, in an attempt to enhance the story. In the beginning of the play a very valiant and loyal soldier of Scotland, called Macbeth, is given three prophecies by a group of witches. The prophecies show Macbeth that he will raise in…

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  • Minor Characters In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    Everyone Matters Mary Shelley utilizes many characters in her novel Frankenstein. Although the reader may believe Elizabeth, Clerval, and Walton are only minor characters, they are actually major characters. Each one fulfills a meaningful purpose in the story. These characters emphasize ideas of theme, plot, and character. Notably, Elizabeth is Shelley’s way of fulfilling her mother’s and audience’s expectation of creating a novel with a flare of feminism. Elizabeth’s death is the most…

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  • Counseling Minor Clients Case Study

    into conflict with each other when counseling minor clients? Clients who are minors have a moral right to privacy within the alliance between the client and the counselor. Moreover, according to the text, (Remley & Herlihy, 2015) counselors how obligations to the minor as well as the parent or guardian which may come into confliction. Accordingly, an obligation exists legally to the parents and an ethically and morally obligation is extended to the minor. A child will have the need to build a…

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  • Minor Characters In Beowulf Essay

    The Correlation Between a Minor Character and the Entirety of a Poem’s Plot Minor characters are not significantly accentuated in order to indirectly unveil an idea or highlight a concept. A character is introduced into a plot with an intended purpose— whether it be to serve as a foil or a confidante, he or she proves to be essential to the story in total. The poem Beowulf, details the story of a courageous warrior from the Geats (which is today Modern Sweden) who travels to aid Hrothgar, the…

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  • Minor Operation Hazard Analysis Essay

    The minor operation hazard analysis is usually used as a mechanism for the crew to identify and talk about the hazards associated with a short term or changed operation, before you start the work. They use the Minor Operation Hazard Analysis form strictly for the following instances: operations that occur due to something changing and it’s not covered by the JHA. Short-tern non repetitive operations that last less than 4 hours (like unloading a truck, repairing access systems, and moving stuff…

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