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  • Emile Durkheim's Theories On The Causes Of Suicide

    intentionally. Suicide is seen as an extremely personal act but sociologists such as Emile Durkheim believed that suicide is caused or influenced by social factors. Emile Durkheim (1858-1917) was a French sociologist and his study; Suicide (1897) was a study of suicide rates in different social populations. Durkheim wanted to understand why some people were more likely to commit suicide than others. Durkheim used the term social integration and he found that when there was a lack of social…

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  • Principles Of Sociology: Social Construction Of Reality

    Alexandra Mederos Dr. Abdy SOC 201: Principles of Sociology 15 November 2015 Social Construction of Reality Conceptually, Berger’s book “Social Construction of Reality” is based on his belief that reality is socially constructed. He also believes that the sociology of knowledge must analyze the process in which this social construction occurs. The term social construction of reality refers to the theory of how we present ourselves to society based on our experiences and interactions with others.…

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  • Exemplification Essay: The Role Of Improvisation In Music

    Although while he is playing in the moment, his concentration is less on what he was playing but more on the technique and strategy of how the music was delivered to his audience. The musical development and growth of Miles Davis stems from the many years of practice and performances with jazz greats of his time. His high level career performance was constructed through the combination of these motivic strategies such as repetition, embellishments, inversions, transpositions…

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  • Koko And So What Analysis

    A comparison of “Koko” and “So What” “Koko” as well as “So What” are two of the most influential and famous pieces pertaining to Jazz. With “Koko” being composed and performed by Charlie “Bird” Parker and “So What” being composed and performed by Miles Davis. These two musicians are no doubt heavily involved in the development of jazz and are two of the most renowned musicians in the world. “Koko” was composed in the early 1940’s, where as “So What” was composed in the late 1950’s. Although…

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  • The Risks Involved In A Long Distance Relationship

    We all look at the same moon in the sky, and sometimes this is the only comfort those in a long distance relationship have. Some couples may not have the chance to talk for days, so they seek a sense of peace from the orb in the sky. If this is the case, though, why is anyone in a long distance relationship? With a face to face relationship, there is rarely the worry that one may not see his or her significant other for any length of time. Long distance relationships are growing in popularity,…

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  • Louis Armstrong's American Jazz Trumpeter: Satchmo Or Pops

    This Documentary concerning American jazz trumpeter as well as singer Louis Armstrong, Louis Armstrong's (known as Satchmo or Pops) basic declaration to his initial life is a fun and incredible read. Composed with extraordinary realism, Louis conveyed a rousing story starting from his origination, to his existence with his grandmother, to his initially cherish (which was extremely disagreeable), to his initially separation (which I believe was beneficial for him), to his initially enterprise…

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  • Why Is Charlie Parker Important

    Charlie Parker also known as “Yardbird” or “Bird” was born on August 29, 1920 and died on March 12, 1955. He was one of the most important and influential saxophonists and jazz players of the 1940’s. A legendary figure in his own lifetime, he was idolized by those who worked with him, and he inspired a generation of jazz performers and composers. Charlie had a magnetic personality; wherever he would walk into he would change the feel of the room. He started studying music in a local school in…

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  • How Did The Beatles Break Up In The 1970's

    In the beginning of the 1970's, a fresh America was going through a culture change. The Beatles breaking-up within the first year, the peace-loving hippies of the 60's were dwindling down to past fantasies, and Rock and Roll was about to have a new kind of monster pierce the ears of the youth. That monster was none other than the acclaimed "Hottest Band in the World", Kiss. Which would be absent idea without the thundering thump of the stick-wielding drummer Peter Criss. Peter Criss (George…

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  • Definition Essay: What Is Cool

    What is Cool? Groovy,tubular,brisk and relaxed could all be considered synonyms for the same word but with very different meanings behind them. The word cool is used describe such vast variety of things from people,places,events and feelings. “Grab your jacket honey, it's cool out there!” Mom exclaims as he is walking out the door to catch the bus on that first crisp cool morning of November. Then he had responded by saying “its cool mom, I will be alright” explaining how nonchalant and feeling…

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  • Jazz Music: Miles Davis And The Civil Rights Movement

    Having to grow up in the American society during a period of changes and turmoil. Miles Davis was one of the African Americans who had the courage and willingness to stand up for what was right by fighting for equality. Being a man of music, Miles used his music to show people their desire for equality through his songs. Miles Davis’s music style reflects the civil rights movement through the changes, evolution, and presentation of his music. Jazz music had a specific standard to it, Davis…

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