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  • Kim Jonghyun Case Study

    The death of Kim Jonghyun was an event unexpected by anyone. Confirmed on the 18th of December, he was previously found in an apartment unconscious. Reports confirmed its source as a coal briquette, which caused carbon monoxide poisoning in his lungs. After several attempts of oxygen therapy, Kim Jonghyun sorrowfully passed that night. How much had he suffered before that night? Kim Jonghyun notable lead the hyper-popular Korean boy group known as SHINee. Debuting in 2008 with their EP replay…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Energy Essay

    The use of nuclear power has been under debate for many years; with issues such as environmental impact, safety, cost, waste management, and efficiency, the cons clearly outweigh the pros. Nuclear power plants have been supplying electricity to the population for nearly 60 years, but all things must come to an end as better options emerge and humanity develops as a species. It 's only natural for things to become outdated, or be replaced by better options as they become available. Nuclear…

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  • Nuclear Explosion In Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles

    The home of many was destroyed, filled with crushed memories and family members that are no longer able to rescue from the war. Earth was blown up from war, it was set a flame and was left to be burned out, as people observed it on Mars in the book. It was highly similar to what occurred on April 26th, 1986 in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine due to a devastating explosion. Ray Bradbury drew attention to the fascination of abandoning cities due to his novel, The Martian Chronicles.…

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  • Analysis Of The Chernobyl Disaster

    The Chernobyl disaster (1986) was probably the worst possible accident in a nuclear power plant. It was the biggest catastrophe ever happened since the beginning of operating nuclear power stations. It started by a total meltdown of the reactor core. The explosion and the consequent reactor fire, burning for 10 days, resulted in a vast emission of radioactive material, early deaths of 31 persons and adverse consequences for the public and the environment [198]. This Chernobyl disaster provided…

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  • Organized Skepticism In Research

    following the scientific method, which consists of observation, generalization, interpretation, explanation, and prediction one should always be skeptical about hypothesis but not cynical. For example, consider the given scenario: A biker traveled at 250 miles per hour on a motorcycle on I-4 on a standard motorcycle. I think it’s fair to say using organized skepticism that the following event probably did not occur because standard motorcycles are not equipped to go at such a fast rate. The…

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  • Emile Durkheim's Normal And Pathological Society

    crime rates are constantly rising, and for this societies are suffering with so much pain and agony. Instead of societies working together and creating a positive environment for everyone, societies manage to corrupt the good within them. Emile Durkheim describes the way a certain…

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  • Objectivity In Sociology

    states that his theory ‘Interactionist View of Deviance’ is influenced by political views (Marked by Teacher: Sociology, 2014). In addition, he states that another sociologist would achieve different results. Modern anti-positivists include Maria Miles and Ray Pawson, who state that older theories are not value free because they are sexist and biased (May, 2001: 13). The two sociologist argue that as a result of a male dominant world, all theories are to please the men (May, 2001: 13). They add…

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  • Durkheim's The Power Of Meaning: Crafting A Life That Matters

    Durkheim analyzed the correlation between suicide and several variables such as marriage, education levels, and religious orientation. During his examination, he discovered how “suicide is not just an individual phenomenon arising from people’s personal troubles…

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  • Social Structure Of The World Essay

    “The structural-functionalism perspective views society as a combination of institutions, or functions, to equate societal stability and harmony, which Durkheim theorized” (Hill, 2015). Structural functionalism is based on an interconnected society all working together in cohesion. When one thing changes in the society, they are coherently changing to try and adjust. It’s a never ending process of always…

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  • Reflection Paper On Deviance

    Throughout these last few weeks I have learned a lot in this class. What I have learned has made me think more about the world around me, broadening my mindset. I was very excited to take this course because my favorite course in high school was sociology. I knew I would like this course because I am interested in the material and it allows me to think outside of the box. I really like how it isn’t as cut and dry as other subjects may be; sociology allows you to have an open mind. By saying it…

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