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  • Violence In The Film 'Beasts Of No Nation'

    War is a term that immediately indicates an issue; the one that reflects the political miscommunication between political parties. But when war is mentioned is this the only concern that comes to mind? The battlefield doesn’t only symbolize the issues of the government, but the struggles of the people. The reality is, no matter how strong we might be and how hard we might try to avoid its influence, none is able to escape the battlefield and its staggering moments. Whether you’re a child or an…

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  • Essay On Duality In America

    write EDM music or Rock music, or Folk music for that matter? The troubling aspect is we can 't choose when not to face these issues--they are in many ways trifling but, nevertheless, detrimental to my growth as a member of the music scene in America. I want the world to give its last racist, stereotypical, bigoted script to an American-born Indian who grew up in Kansas and attended Northwestern and Johns Hopkins. I want to see the world conform and not possess the need of…

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  • Pentagramon: A Short Story

    There is this man who hired a young warlock named Elias and he is getting paid by the man who hired him to summon a demon named Agramon. After the young warlock Elias had created the pentagram, he starts to chant in a demonic language while walking around the pentagram.Then the pentagram bursts up into flames and Agramon starts to take form. As they start to take form, Elias starts to chant more quickly and traces delicate outlines in the air with his webbed hands and blue fire crackles when his…

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  • Steps In Crime Scene Investigation

    Protecting the integrity of crime scene investigations is of the utmost importance to investigators, courts, potential suspects, and those impacted by the crime itself. There are many components of crime scene investigation and each is critical to ensuring accurate evidence is gathered from the scene. This paper will discuss the steps in the crime scene investigation process, the different types of investigations for different types of crimes, and finally see the process in action in the form of…

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  • Forensic Science Misconceptions

    The field of forensic science seems like a captivating world. It is known that forensic scientists assist law enforcement agencies by collecting and analyzing the evidence of a crime scene. Most of the time, this is all a person knows by watching television shows, such as “NCIS.” There are many misconceptions of a forensic scientist created by television shows. Sometimes these misconceptions make forensic science look glamorous. The issue is that this is how it happens on television and in…

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  • Basketball Diaries Movie Character Analysis

    In the four text types Basketball Diaries (Movie) The Otherside by Macklemore (Song) Looking For Alaska by John Green (Book) and Skins S2E7 - Effy (TV Series) the idea that drugs and alcohol can influence your decisions and have negative outcomes is clearly shown but each their own way. In the movie Basketball Diaries the main character Jim Carol revolves his life around basketball and he dreams of being a famous sports star one day or at least that was the plan, but with his best friend, Bobby…

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  • Importance Of Preliminary Investigation In Criminal Investigation

    When it comes to crime scene investigation, a thorough preliminary investigation is usually required, the reason being to end up with a follow-up investigation. Preliminary investigations seldom provide a sufficient amount of information to arraign a criminal case, consequently the necessity of a thorough preliminary investigation is imperative. Crime scene investigators apprehend that in order to continue with their investigation and to legitimately prosecute a criminal case, evidence that is…

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  • The Art Of Forensic Science

    century. Forensic science is an asset in solving crime. Forensic science has become so popular in the past twenty- five years. I became interested in forensic science around 2013, because I was sick a lot, which made me stay home a lot and I watched different cop shows. The stuff that popped to me was how they solved the crimes in the lab and how that put the bad guys away.…

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  • Enrique Camarena Case Study

    vehicle believed to be used by the kidnappers and was examined, collecting hair samples, blood, fiber and fingerprints.  The MFJP located the residence where SA Camareno and Captain Zavala were held. The forensic team processed the scene by surveying and searching the crime scene and surrounding grounds.  The entire room was processed for hairs, fiber, and fingerprints. Known carpet samples were also ta) ken from every room. (Malone,…

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  • Crime Scene Investigator Essay Examples

    to the hours required. Being in the criminal justice field, I have found that the career of a crime scene investigator (CSI) interests me. Throughout growing up, science was always one of my strong interests and I want to continue that love through my daily job. Not only was science one of my strong qualities, I had a very strong passion for medicine. Being a crime scene investigator,…

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