A Cruel World

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  • Technology's Impact On Everyday Life And The Professional World

    Currently, society is evolving at a faster pace than ever before, with professional and research fields developing at speedier rates, changing lives and population views on world crisis’s. This progress is in large part due to the rise of new technologies, as it opens the doors of the professional world to whole new slew of possibilities. For example, it has helped the medical field greatly in curing deadly diseases, permitted global and instant communication, and even sent a man into outer…

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  • Earth Under Complicated Issues

    issues? What can we do in order to achieve long lasting sustainability in Earth? Earth has become an issue all throughout the world and has been the number one problem due to the lack of attention we put on it. Many might not consider it an issue because we see the problems everyday thinking it’s normal, however it affects us along with the Earth. This has an impact on the world because we are the ones who come across problems involving the Earth and we don’t do anything about it. Although the…

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  • Race Concepts In Everyday Life

    After going through my notes, I found the seven concepts that stood out to me the most. The following are, Race is a social construct, “Life is always fixable”, the three steps to making a video go viral, Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone, RPIE, “Make the world a better place”, and The Five Levels of Leadership. The following concepts are already concepts I use in my everyday life and others and the others I plan on taking with me into my future. To begin, the concept of race. Race is a social…

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  • Consequences Of Technology In A Sound Of Thunder By Ray Bradbury

    The world now was not the same as it used to be before. In other words, because of the death of one butterfly, now people even changed their way of thinking. The language, environment and the room were not the same. Now people loved the president they once hated that day in the present before the journey happened. Thus, it can be seen how everything in this world is so interconnected and how could the misuse of technology lead to massive…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Life

    From space one is able to marvel at the world, appreciate every aspect from a spectators view. The journey from the launch pad to space orbit is short, taking about 8.5 minutes. I accelerated to 17,500 mph, the best ride I ever had in my life. At the same time I imagined the speed of death – which…

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  • Celebrities Are Annoying People

    songs. The world makes them a big deal because they come on televisions, radios, and magazines so they must be idolize. Just because they have talent does not mean everyone should give them attention and care about them. Celebrities are not god figures, they are not as important as middle and lower class, and people should not follow into their footsteps. Celebrities should not be treated like gods and goddesses. When celebrities are treated that way, they think they own the world and the…

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  • Analysis Of Sustainability By Robert Parlberg

    Christian R Weisser speaks more about the idea of what sustainability is and how is important for society to be aware of it. Robert Paarlberg explains in his article the way the Earth is more and less sustainable because of everyone 's actions around the world. Both articles touch on the ideas that there are people out there helping change Earth for the better, and want to make earth sustainable for the future. The authors both explain how there are also harmful situations happening that hardly…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Addiction To Learning

    on a lifelong journey without all the great things mothers teach and do for their children. For the lessons that this taught me were bountiful it was the negativity that ultimately brought out the positivity in me. Luckily, the greatest dad in the world and an extremely warmhearted grandmother were willing and able to raise a huge bundle of energy, me. In so they brought me up with a lot of love and care which leaves me eternally grateful to them. For the next fourteen years I would live with my…

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  • Green Worlds In A Midsummer Night's Dream And As You Like It

    characteristics is his use of green worlds, specifically in his comedies. Shakespeare uses green worlds to introduce a deviation of society to his characters. In these spaces, the rules and obligations of the other world do not apply, his characters are allowed play with different identities in the green world. Two plays that particularly highlight this are A Midsummer Night’s Dream and As You Like It. In these plays some of the characters travel through their green world, realize something…

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  • Analysis Of Walt Whitman's 'When I Heard The Learn' D Astronomer

    The Natural World The poem “When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer” by Walt Whitman is talking about him listening to an educated astronomer lecture using his proofs, figures, columns, charts, diagrams and how to add, divide, and measure them. While he was sitting in the lecture room with that astronomer teaching, the rest of the room began to applause. It seemed to be too much for him because he became unaccountably tired and sick. He felt that way until he left the room and went outside and…

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